Domestic Student TSA Documents

The Aviation and Transportation Security ACT (ATSA) require that all students taking flight training must show proof of U.S. citizenship. International and permanent resident students must obtain clearance from the ATSA (see below). All students must bring a current government-issued photo ID, plus one of the following documents to New Student Orientation. Photocopies and/or certified copies are not accepted.

  • A valid, unexpired U.S. passport
  • An original birth certificate with raised seal documenting birth in the United States or one of its territories
  • An original U.S. naturalization certificate with raised seal, Form N-550 or Form N-570
  • An original certification of birth abroad, Form FS-545, or Form DS-1350
  • An original certificate of U.S. citizenship, Form N-560, or Form N-561

If you address all of these items/issues listed above and below, you should be ready to begin your flight training— ready to fly with the eagles!

FAA Medical Certificates

You are required to bring at least one of the following when you attend New Student Orientation:

  • Current First-Class medical certificate
  • Current Second-Class medical certificate

Students who are enrolling in FA121 must also have a Student Pilot Certificate, which can be obtained from your local Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) prior to Orientation or from your Certified Flight Instructor when your training begins here at ERAU.

A list of Aviation Medical Examiners who can perform this medical certification exam near you can be found at the Federal Aviation Administration's website for Finding an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). Prior to your physical examination, fill out a MedXPress application.

Please take a moment to review the Flight Student Required Documents handout to ensure you are prepared.

Note: The Embry-Riddle health forms that came with your admissions packet should be completed and sent before you arrive.

Cost of Flight Training/Financial Aid

Flight costs are not covered by your tuition payments. See flight costs on our Frequently Asked Questions page. You should contact the Financial Aid Department to discuss your financial options for flight training.

Helpful Information:

Permanent Resident and International Students

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires registration of all international flight students. Your application for TSA clearance will be processed in person following Orientation, by appointment, with the TSA School Administrator, Lori Brimhall. In preparation for this application, bring your current passport and U.S.-issued visa to Orientation. For assistance with this process or questions, please contact Lori Brimhall at 928-777-4327 or at

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