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All Summer 2021 study abroad programs have been canceled.

Here at SAGE, we are deeply committed to helping you experience the world. Studying abroad offers innumerable possibilities. Not only will you visit other countries and cultures, you will grow as an individual, deepen and enhance your academics, as well as expand and diversify your professional opportunities.

Why Study Abroad?

  • Take classes in countries around the world
  • Participate in special technical programs (computer-aided design, engineering, international business)
  • Expand your perspective while gaining international knowledge in your chosen field
  • Develop valuable foreign language skills
  • Increase you global competency quotient
  • Set your resume apart

Demand for Global Citizens in a Globalized World

As technology makes the world smaller and brings cultures together an essential skill in any professional field is understanding how to navigate the cross-cultural workplace. Spending time abroad you will give you a deeper understanding of culture, creativity, innovation, and multiple perspectives on your chosen field.

Not convinced that your experience abroad will be worth your time? Don’t take it from us, read what experts have to say:

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"When you arrive to a place you’ve never been to, a place where you do not speak the language, a place you will be exploring, millions of emotions run through your head. You can be excited, scared, sad, and happy all at once. However, when it is time to leave, you do not want to. It is then when you realize, ‘I will be visiting this place again someday!"

Joskua Carillo
Engineering Space Physics