New Student Orientation

Fall 2020 Orientation

Updates: August 14, 2020

  • Individual Orientation and College Meeting information can be found on Eagle Life under My Events
  • We are pleased to offer a Virtual Incoming Student Parent/Family Reception on Wednesday 8/26 at 6 PM Pacific.
  • There will be no in-person Parent and Family Weekend this fall.
  • The recent announcement by Gov. Ducey regarding the start date for Arizona schools applies to K-12 institutions. Embry-Riddle will begin fall classes on August 24, 2020.
  • We are unable to offer in-person Parent & Family Orientation. Instead, we will feature on-line opportunities to share information about our campus and ways to support your student.
  • Please download and complete the Wellness Questionnaire Form prior to your arrival to campus.

Hello, incoming Eagles! We are excited to share with you an update regarding move in dates and orientation programs for new students. The new schedule will host arrivals by academic college with the larger colleges being split into two groups. At this time, only the overall dates for each college have been established. By early July, we will work with you to identify your specific time for move in. You will receive more information about that soon, as well as information and documents that you will need to bring with you on move in day.

As we plan for your arrival, we want you to understand exactly how we are working to minimize health risks and meet the needs of all Eagles. First, you and anyone traveling with you will need to check in and receive a wellness check (no-contact temperature reading) upon arrival. Physical distancing principles are being applied through smart pathways, barriers and lower-density solutions for residence halls, classrooms, workspaces and more. Enhanced cleaning protocols are now the norm. Every member of our community is taking personal responsibility for their safety by wearing cloth (non-surgical) face coverings, which are mandatory on our campuses at this time.

If you have recently been sick, on a cruise ship, or in close contact with someone showing symptoms of Covid-19, do not come to campus. Contact the Dean of Students Office at prdos@erau.edu.

Parent & Family Orientation Update

As with the student orientation program, the Fall 2020 orientation program for parents and families will also be different this year due to the evolving situation related to Covid-19. While we are still working out the details, in general we will not be offering in-person orientation activities for parents and families this year. However, we are working to develop on-line programs and opportunities for parents and families to learn about our campus and ways to support students through their transition to college. Please continue to visit this site for updated information.

If you have yet not done so, we also encourage you to take a moment to sign up to be a member of the Prescott Parent & Family Association. This will give you additional access to an ongoing newsletter and other information designed specifically for parents and families.

Move In Dates

Saturday, Aug. 15 College of Aviation A - Aeronautical Science Fixed Wing lat name A-K and Aeronautical Science Rotor, Aeronautics, Air Traffic Management, Meteorology, and Unmanned Aircraft
Sunday, Aug. 16 College of Aviation B - Aeronautical Science Fixed Wing last name L-Z and Army ROTC Zero Week
Monday, Aug. 17 Air Force ROTC Zero Week
Tuesday, Aug. 18 College of Engineering A - Aerospace Engineering last name A-K and Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Software, and Still Exploring Engineering degrees
Wednesday, Aug. 19  College of Engineering B - Aerospace Engineering last names L-Z
Thursday, Aug. 20 College of Arts & Science and College of Security & Intelligence

Our team of current student leaders will be on campus during Orientation to help guide you through Orientation and your first week at Embry-Riddle. New students will be placed together in groups led by an Orientation Leader. These groups will get together so that students can meet new people, get questions answered, and have fun.


Orientation Schedule

The general orientation program for each student will consist of a full-day of planned activities plus a second day for meetings with representatives from your specific college.


Orientation Day
College Meetings
Monday, Aug. 17 College of Aviation A
Tuesday, Aug. 18 College of Aviation B College of Aviation A
Wednesday, Aug. 19 College of Engineering A College of Aviation B
Thursday, Aug. 20 ROTC College of Engineering
Friday, Aug. 21 College of Engineering B College of Arts & Science and ROTC
Saturday, Aug. 22 College of Arts & Science
College of Security & Intelligence
College of Engineering B and ROTC
Sunday, Aug. 23   College of Security & Intelligence and ROTC
Monday, Aug. 24 Classes Start  
*College of Aviation ROTC College Meeting to be Advised

As dates and times are subject to change, please continue to visit this site for updated information.


If you have housing or move in questions, please contact Housing & Residence Life at prhouse@erau.edu or call (928) 777-3728.

For Orientation questions, 
please contact Emily Bauer, Director, Student Engagement at emily.bauer@erau.edu or call (928) 777-6931.


We are excited to welcome you!


Your Orientation Team


Student Orientation Leaders

No matter how the final orientation program evolves, an enthusiastic team of current student leaders will be here to guide our new students through orientation and provide help and support, whether it be through on-line programs or small-group experiences. They are looking forward to welcoming you!

Fall 2020 Orientation Guide: Will be Updated with New Dates!

A guidebook providing a wealth of information for students and families to prepare for the upcoming semester, including registration instructions, was mailed earlier this summer to students who had submitted a tuition deposit. We want to remind you again that the dates and schedules for orientation programs published in this guide have changed as we continue to respond to the evolving situation elated to Covid-19. However, we encourage all new Eagles and families to review this guide for all the other valuable information and resources it provides. A link to that guide is provided on this page.

Thank you and please let us know if you have questions. When we know more about the fall dates and schedules for residence hall move-in and orientation, we will update them here. Until then, stay safe and be healthy. We are so excited to welcome our newest Eagles!

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