Sexual Misconduct & Title IX Compliance

Nondiscrimination Statement

Welcome to the Office of Title IX Compliance (TIX) at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Prescott campus.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University continually strives to recognize, respect, and celebrate the differences and cultural identities among individuals as we recruit, support, and embrace our diverse community. We work to provide a safe environment where self-expression is welcome. We strive to create a campus climate that is free of discrimination so that networks, partnerships, and cultural competency can be fostered through leadership, integrity, and respect. 

In so doing, Embry-Riddle does not permit discrimination or harassment in its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, predisposing genetic characteristic, age, religion, pregnancy status, or any other characteristic protected by University policy or state, local or federal law. 

This policy covers nondiscrimination in employment and in access to educational opportunities. Therefore, any member of the campus community, guest or visitor who acts to deny, deprive, or limit the educational, employment, and/or social access, benefits, and/or opportunities of any member of the campus community on the basis of their actual or perceived membership in the protected classes listed above is in violation of the University policy on nondiscrimination. When brought to the attention of the University, any such discrimination will be appropriately remedied by the University according to the process below.

Title IX Trainings, Completed

  • 504 Coordinator (1/22/2018); Company: ATIXA
  • Title IX Coordinator Level Two (1/23/2018); Company: ATIXA
  • Civil Rights Investigator Level One (6/18/20190); Company:ATIXA - Civil Rights Investigator Level One
  • OCR Title IX Regulations Training & Certification Course (1/29/2020); Company:ATIXA - OCR Title IX Regulations Training
  • Title IX Hearing Officer & Decision-Maker (1/31/2020); ATIXA: Title IX Hearing Officer & Decision Maker Training
  • Clery (2/11/2020); Company: Clery Center Training 2020
  • The Sexual Offender & Violent Offender: Understanding the Offender’s Personality, Behavior, & Typology (6/22/2020); Company:
  • Scott Allen Johnson, MA, Licensed Psychologist, Regulations Implementation (6/12/2020); Company: ATIXA
  • Coordinator (10/17/2011); Company: ATIXA
  • BIT Best Practices (2/26/2014); Company: NaBITA
  • Comprehensive Investigator (9/16/2014); Company: ATIXA
  • Title IX Coordinator Level Three (1/25/2016); Company: ATIXA
  • Civil Rights Investigator Two (9/29/2016); Company: ATIXA
  • Campus Threat Management (11/15/2016); Company: NaBITA
  • Civil Rights Investigator Level Three (9/24/2018); Company: ATIXA

ATIXA = Association of Title IX Administrators

NaBITA = National Behavioral Intervention Team Association

Note: Did not include webinars from such companies as PaperClip Communications, ASCA (Association of Student Conduct Administrators), Stetson, D. Stafford and Associates, and ATIXA.


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Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Frost
Associate Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator
3700 Willow Creek Rd.; Bldg. 49
Prescott, AZ 86301
Michael J. Williams
Title IX Investigator & Outreach Specialist
3700 Willow Creek Rd.; Bldg. 49
Prescott, AZ 86301