Disability Support

Disability Support Services (DSS), located in Room 109 of Hazy Library, works with students, faculty, and other departments to ensure equal access and provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities who qualify. We endeavor for a fair learning environment where students are able to succeed based on their own efforts and initiative, unhampered in their academic pursuits by disadvantages associated with their particular disability.

Students are encouraged to contact or meet with Disability Support Services at 6-8 weeks prior to starting enrollment with the University, or as soon as possible after admittance. Students must request Disability Support Services and provide current documentation in order to qualify for accommodations. DSS does not provide diagnostic testing but will make referrals. Students are responsible for all testing and evaluation expenses.


The university acknowledges the highly confidential nature of students’ disability-related information and records and adheres to federal guidelines (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title 1 of the Americans with Disabilities Act) that mandate control and restrict access to this information.

Requesting Your Records

This university considers your records your property. You may request a copy of all or part of your disability records from Disability Support Services. Note: Records for students with disabilities are maintained in the DSS office until five years after the student’s last semester of enrollment.

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Disability Support Services (DSS)

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