Presctt Arizona Flight Safety Culture messageEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s foremost concern is maintaining the highest level of safety at every facet of our daily operation.

All students and employees are recognized as a critical part of our safety system. Every member of the Embry-Riddle family is tasked with recognizing and reporting hazards. Our entire team works tirelessly to minimize the risks in our operations. The safety program’s effectiveness relies heavily upon the unrestricted flow of information among flight instructors, students, maintenance personnel, and staff. Everyone is strongly encouraged for reporting safety concerns and we take pride in our strong culture of safety.

Aviation Safety: An Embry-Riddle Way of Life

The Aviation Safety Department’s primary responsibilities include accident prevention, hazard identification, safety data collection and dissemination, comprehensive emergency response procedures, and an active safety education program. The Aviation Safety Department uses several tools including a hazard reporting system with HFACS analysis, flight data monitoring, quantum safety metrics, ADS-B, and more.  

Logo for Embry-Riddle Prescott Flight DepartmentFurthermore, Embry-Riddle has implemented the use of a Safety Management System (SMS). The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Safety Management System (SMS) is entrenched in the belief that a vibrant Safety Culture is the key to accident prevention. A strong Safety Culture is so important that the University President mandates that the entire university embrace Safety as a way of everyday life. The President knows that our Safety Culture must remain strong to prevent accidents and protect the men and women that make up the Embry-Riddle family.

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