Zero Week check-in will be on Sunday, August 20, 2023. Zero Week takes place Monday, August 21, 2023, to Wednesday, August 23, 2023 (prior to Fall Semester Orientation only).

Note: Documentation that has been turned into the university is not made available to the Air Force ROTC (AFROTC). The documents listed below must be provided again for AFROTC applicant requirements. Copies are allowed unless noted otherwise.

Apply and Register

  • Go to the New Incoming Applicants page, read all the information and then click "Check in Here to Join Det 028" on the right-hand side to join our program. This will assist us in preparing for your arrival.
  • Register for classes.
    • Fall semester applicants register for:
      • AF Class (AF101 & AF101L) if you have four or more years left to complete your degree
      • AF Class (AF101, AF201 & AF201L ) if you have three years left to complete your degree
    • Spring semester applicants register for:
      • AF Class (AF102 & AF102L) if you have 3.5 or more years left to complete your degree. All others must contact the detachment at 928-777-3868 to determine applicant/accreditation eligibility.
      • Note: Spring applicants must dual enroll in AF Class (AF101, AF201 & AF201L) during the Fall semester after entry.
  • Fill out the AFROTC Online Application.

Gather and Submit Documents

  • For applicants not attending Zero Week, send an email to our detachment org box at with your projected arrival date and availability.
  • For Fall semester Zero Week applicants:
    • Bring Document Items 1-3 to Day One of Zero Week during check-in.
    • The remaining documents must be uploaded within your online AFROTC application prior to your arrival.
  • For Spring semester and walk-in applicants:
    • Bring all documents to your scheduled appointment.
  • For three-year student applicants:
    • Send an email to Major Christopher Pope at and to the detachment org box at to schedule an appointment with him ASAP.
    • Three-year students need approval from the Detachment Commander, Commander Russell Davis, prior to becoming a cadet. Historically, three-year cadets have struggled to earn an Enrollment Allocation to attend Field Training. This selection process happens in the Spring semester during sophomore year.

Required Documents

  1. Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate — Must be original or certified true copy
    • If you were born abroad and acquired citizenship at birth or through naturalization of parents, a valid Passport/FS Form 240/DS Form 1350/INS Form N-560A or N-561 can be used.
    • Note: Documents will be verified and returned.
    • Non-US citizens must provide Immigration Form I-551 and Permanent Resident Card to become an applicant.

  2. Social Security Card — Must be original
    • If over 18, ensure that it is signed.
    • Note: Documents will be verified and returned.

  3. AFROTC Form 28, Sports Physical — Signed by a physician/medical authority
    • Note: Exam date must be no earlier than August 1 before the beginning of each semester (January 1 for Spring applicants)
    • You are not authorized to participate in AFROTC physical activities until one is turned in.
    • HSSP Scholarship Recipients: A sports physical is not required if your status on the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DODMERB) site reflects "qualified." We already have your certified, qualified physical on file.

  4. Copy of Immunization Record
    • Must reflect MMR x2 and Varicalla x2 (chicken pox) vaccines (or positive blood titer)

  5. Copy of ACT Score Report or SAT Score Report

  6. Turn in the following items if applicable. These documents can also be uploaded to your online AFROTC application:
    • Copy of unofficial college transcripts for any college credits received and college board AP credits.
    • Copy of AFJROTC certificates (Form 310/1256) or JROTC certificate/high school transcripts for other services
    • Copy of Civil Air Patrol (CAP) certificates — Earhart, Mitchell or Spaatz awards only
    • Copy of Eagle Scout/Gold Award certificate or card
    • Copy of high school transcripts (unofficial) — Only required for applicants with 3-4 years JROTC/CAP awards/Eagle Scout/Gold Award
    • Copy of Private Pilot's License (PPL)
    • HSSP Scholarship recipients — Bring a copy of airline tickets and itinerary if you flew here
    • Copy of DD Form 785, Record of Disenrollment From Officer Candidate-Type Training

  7. Prior service applicants must also provide:
    • Copy of DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty
    • Copy of DD Form 4, Enlistment/Reenlistment Document Armed Forces of the United States
    • Note: Applicants who were prior service members of any brand of the armed forces must have their prior service verified prior to granting membership to verify reenlistment eligibility.

AFROTC Online Application

Go to the AFROTC Google Drive. Follow the AFROTC guide for instructions to build your WINGS account and complete the registration. Read the following items before starting your online application:

  • If you already completed an AFROTC online application, email so we can add you to our detachment in WINGS. You will not create a new account. Ensure that your applicant checklist is completed and all documents are uploaded.
  • Use the Embry-Riddle email address when building your account.
  • Do not forget your username and password. You will need it throughout your time in AFROTC.
  • Ensure you select Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (AZ) as your preferred school.
  • Upload all documents requested in the AFROTC online application and the applicant checklist in the supporting documents section of your online application.
  • Email once you have completed your online application.

Applicant Uniform List

Applicant Cadets are required to wear a modified uniform during AFROTC Activities until they receive their dress blues. This occurs during the sophomore year and once a completed DODMERB is on file. They will also be required to wear modified physical training gear. Air Force physical training gear will be issued upon completion of all applicant requirements and once the cadet has been made an “active” cadet.

Modified Uniform

  • Polo Shirt: Polo shirts will be a purchased Detachment polo or a solid-color royal- or navy-blue polo shirt with no symbols or pockets.
  • Trousers: Trousers will be without cuffs, regular fit and khaki in color (shorts are not authorized).
  • Belt: Belt will be black with silver clasp.
  • Footwear: Socks will be black in color. Shoes will be plain black, business-casual low quarters.

Physical Training Uniform (PTU)

  • T-shirt: Solid-color grey T-shirt or long sleeve shirt with no symbols.
  • Shorts: Solid-color dark blue athletic shorts with small symbol (no bigger than 5 inches) authorized.
  • Socks: Socks will be white or black and may have small trademark logos.
  • Athletic Shoes: There are no restrictions on the color of athletic shoes.
  • Applicants may wear personally owned Air Force PTUs (e.g., prior service).
  • Cold weather attire will be solid dark blue or black sweats with no symbols.


  • Solid-color black backpacks. Small logos are authorized.
  • Backpacks will not have ornamentation, high gloss, designs or hanging/dangling objects. Small gold or silver clasp is authorized, but chains are not authorized.

Watches (optional)

  • Must be a conservative, solid color like black, brown, silver or gold.
  • Bands cannot exceed 1-inch in width.
  • Smartwatches are authorized but must be within above requirements.

Sunglasses (optional)

  • Frames may be black or brown material, or gold or silver wire.
  • Brand name glasses may be worn with small logo on frames or lenses. Logo must be same color as frames or lenses.
  • Conservative, clear, slightly tinted or photosensitive lenses are authorized. Faddish styles and mirrored lenses are prohibited.

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