As future leaders and warriors in the U.S. Air Force, our cadets must not only excel in their degree, physical fitness, and leadership experience -- they must be well-rounded individuals who understand the history, principles, and future of the world's finest Air Force. Each semester, cadets learn more about the Air Force and become better prepared for the challenges awaiting them. In addition to the required academic classes, cadets must participate in Leadership Laboratory, which puts academic understanding into practice as cadets apply what they learn to become effective followers in the General Military Course (GMC) and transform into effective leaders in the Professional Officer Course (POC).

Freshman year gives cadets a solid understanding of the Air Force's organization, officership and professionalism, military customs and courtesies, and officer career opportunities. As freshmen, cadets must take AF 101 and 102.

Sophomore year Air Force classes give cadets the necessary background in air and space history. This historical understanding is provided within the framework of continued emphasis on the Air Force core values and officership. As sophomores, cadets must take AF 201 and 202.

Junior year focuses on leadership and management traits essential to serving the nation as Air Force officers. Third-year cadets returning from field training are assigned leadership positions in the cadet wing, and the corresponding Air Force academic classes prepare cadets for the challenges awaiting them. As juniors, cadets must take AF 301 and 302.

Senior year Air Force classes prepare cadets to enter active duty as newly commissioned officers. Topics include regional studies to prepare cadets for the diverse locations they may deploy to in the course of their careers. Additional subject matter covered in senior year includes Air Force doctrine and military justice. As seniors, cadets must take AF 401 and 402.

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