Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) maintains several methods to communicate immediate emergency information throughout the campus. These systems may be used when campus authorities and/or local emergency responders confirm a significant emergency exists and determine that emergency notification is warranted. These systems include the following:

Eagle Guardian

Eagle Guardian is a smartphone app that anyone can download for use at ERAU. Campus Safety and Security incorporates the latest technology in campus safety for students, employees, and visitors. Students, employees, and visitors with smartphones are able to download Eagle Guardian by searching for Rave Guardian for download in iTunes or Google Play. Eagle Guardian gives users a direct line to call 911 or Campus Safety and Security’s Emergency Line, the opportunity to chat with Campus Safety and Security anonymously about non-emergency situations, receive alerts based on your location, access to useful URLs and phone numbers, and a Virtual Safety Timer that allows users to set a timer that will alert friends and family or the Campus Safety and Security Department when it expires. This feature is useful for users that are walking on campus or driving to the flight line. Users at the Prescott Campus and Flight Line will receive push notifications through the app in the event of an emergency. 


RAVE is an emergency notification system that allows subscribers to receive emergency information and instructions via text and voice messages to their phone. To participate, students and employees must opt-in to the system by clicking on the RAVE icon on the ERNIE homepage and provide their phone number. The RAVE system and siren is tested at least once each semester with advance notification to the campus through email.

Campus Public Address

Campus Public Address are outdoor loud speakers with voice capability that can broadcast RAVE alerts and instructions to the campus. Such alerts may include severe weather, serious criminal threats, or the need to shelter within a building due to a dangerous chemical release.

Social Media

Social Media Campus Safety and Security Department uses its Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to disseminate emergency information (@ERAUPrescottCampusSafety) and follow-up emergency information.


Alertus is a communication tool that transmits the RAVE message to all PCs and projectors on the campus network. It will also interrupt PowerPoint presentations in classrooms to advise students and faculty of an emergency.


Email may be used for follow-up emergency information since all students and employees are issued email addresses.

Patrol Car Public Address Systems

Patrol Car Public Address Systems can provide immediate alert and instructional information to limited areas since the Department of Campus Safety & Security Department patrol vehicles are equipped with external loudspeakers.

ERNIE Announcements

ERNIE Announcements may be used to communicate subsequent and general information.

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On-Campus Emergency Numbers

  • Emergency: 928-777-3333
  • Wellness Center: 928-777-6653
  • Counseling Center: 928-777-3312
  • Dean of Students: 928-777-3879