Thumb Butte Complex Apartments

Located near the Inter-Collegiate Soccer field and just a short walk from Earhart’s Dining Hall and classes, the Thumb Butte Apartments are designed and staffed specifically for Upper-Division and Transfer Students. This three-story building was completed in Summer of 2016 and offers some of the best views of campus and the surrounding area.

Each Thumb Butte Apartment features two-double occupancy bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Bedrooms are furnished with two lofted beds, two desks, two chairs, two dressers, and a built-in closet area. The four residents in each apartment share a bathroom with two sinks, toilet, and shower.

The kitchen features a four-burner oven, microwave, sink, and full-sized refrigerator/freezer. Residents provide their own cooking and eating utensils. The living room is furnished with a couch, chair, and TV stand.

The hall has two community lounges and a fitness room on the 3rd floor. Laundry facilities with EAGLEcard-operated washers and dryers are located on each of the three floors.

View The T1 floor plan