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All students including first-year students are allowed to have vehicles. Due to space concerns, we ask that students park only one vehicle on campus.  All students are required to register their vehicles and must display a parking permit at all times. Parking permits are issued from the Safety Office on-line. Please visit the Safety and Security department for additional parking information and to complete the on-line parking permit application.
Students are responsible for sharing cleaning responsibilities and supplies with their roommates and suite/apartment mates. Similar to an apartment complex, if a student makes a mess in their room they need to clean it up. If the student is unable to properly clean, HRL can have the room cleaned and the student responsible will be charged for the cleaning. Students can contact the Resident Assistant in their building to check out a vacuum cleaner.  

Health and Safety Inspections are conducted on a regular basis by the Resident Assistants to ensure that bedrooms and shared spaces are kept in a neat and sanitary manner. Residents living in rooms that are repeatedly found in substandard condition may be subject to the conduct process. 

Laundry facilities with card-operated washers and dryers are available in Halls 1, 3, 9, M-200, Thumb Butte Apartments, and Thumb Butte Suites. In order to operate the laundry system students must have an Eagle Card (issued during New Student Orientation). Students can add any amount of money to their Eagle Card online under the Student Services tab on ERNIE or through the Cashier's Office in building 13. Should a student lose their Eagle Card or be unable to add funds to it when in a laundry jam, we have a limited number of machines that will also accept coins.

HRL recommends using pod-type detergent in our washing machines. 

Depending on the hall, 2-6 people share a bathroom.

First-Year Students:

  • Mingus Mountain Halls: 6 residents per two bathrooms
  • Thumb Butte Modulars: 2-3 residents per bathroom
  • Thumb Butte Suites (T2): 5 residents per bathroom
  • Village Suites: 4 residents per bathroom

Upper-Division Students:

  • Village Suites: 4 residents per bathroom
  • Village Apartments: 4 residents per bathroom
  • Thumb Butte Apartments: 4 residents per bathroom

The University is not responsible for students' personal belongings. We recommend students acquire renters insurance. Students should check with their parents' homeowners insurance company to see if they are covered while away at college. It is recommended that students get their personal belongings such as TVs and computers engraved and keep a copy of the serial number in a safe place.

While we discourage cooking in rooms without kitchen facilities, you may bring a rice cooker, crock pot, or coffee maker. Cooking appliances with exposed heating elements or open flame and non-university provided refrigerators that are larger than 4.0 ft are not permitted due to fire and safety hazards. All rooms without kitchen facilities will have access to a community kitchen in the residence hall. Students are responsible for cleaning up after they cook. Community kitchens that are regularly messy may be closed due to lack of student cleaning. We recommend that students do not leave any personal items (pots/pans) in community kitchens, rather take them back to their room when they are finished with them.
Yes. In fact, you are encouraged to personalize your room. While painting and other physical modifications to existing room structures are not allowed, you may add limited furniture, plants, posters, etc. Please remember that nails and other items that will put a hole in the wall are not allowed. 

Please keep in mind that due to limited storage, you must keep all original room furniture in your room. It may be a good idea to contact your new roommate before deciding on a decorating scheme. Due to fire and safety regulations, building lofts or other raised platforms are not permitted.
University and Housing and Residence Life policies and procedures are in place to ensure an academic environment where everyone is able to thrive. If a student violates a policy, they should keep an eye on their Embry-Riddle email address to look for a scheduled meeting with a conduct officer, then they may have a discussion depending on the violation. During the meeting, the student will be able to tell their story.

The goal of the conduct process is to educate students on appropriate behavior and how their behavior affects others. It is an administrative and educational process, not a legal and punitive one. For further information on the conduct process and Residence Halls rules and regulations, please review the Student Handbook.
The furniture that is in your room needs to stay there. Housing and Residence Life does not have the necessary storage space for extra furniture. Any furniture that is not in the room when a student checks out will be billed to the student(s).
Communication is the key. Most roommate conflicts can be avoided and/or resolved through a respectful conversation. If the conflict cannot be resolved, talk with your Resident Assistant. RAs are able to help students work through most roommate issues. All students are encouraged to complete a roommate agreement in the first weeks of school. These agreements have been created by HRL and help facilitate conversations around common roommate problems/concerns. RAs will help with the creation and collect roommate agreements. Although roommate assignments are considered permanent, if a solution is not possible, your HRL staff may approve a room change. All room changes are subject to approval and are limited by available space. No room changes will occur in the first two weeks of each semester. This waiting time allows roommates to try to work out their differences and also enables Housing and Residence Life to verify occupancy. Students who switch rooms on their own, without approval, may be subject to a $100 improper room change fee.
The furnishings vary a little based on the residence hall and availability. Standard room configuration includes a bed, desk, chair, dresser, and desk for each person in the room. Beds in Mingus Mountain, Village Complex, and Thumb Butte Apartments are lofted with a large desk under the bed. HRL is able to adjust furniture (depending on availability) during the first two weeks of the semester. Please review the floor plans for more detailed information at our Residence Halls page. 
We encourage students not to bring everything from home with them, and to try to keep appliances and electronic entertainment to a minimum. Academics, events, socializing, and outdoor activities are likely to keep you occupied. Permitted items include stereos, TVs, computers, gaming systems, hair dryers, curling irons, clocks, etc. To avoid duplicate purchases, you are encouraged to contact your roommate before bringing larger items like TVs or stereos. 

Items that may pose a fire or safety hazard, including halogen lamps, are prohibited. Satellite dishes are also prohibited. Please refer to the Student Handbook for items that are prohibited in the Residence Halls, or contract the Department of Housing and Residence Life at 928-777-3744.

Yes; however, please ship items so they arrive no more than a week before the halls open. You can send packages ahead addressed to your student's mailing address:

Student’s First and Last Name
Box ___________
3700 Willow Creek Road
Prescott, AZ 86301

Students pick up their mail and packages at the Mailroom (Building 11). The mailroom is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., so if you arrive to campus outside of these times, you will not be able to pick up the items you shipped. The mailroom will have limited hours the weekend before the first day of classes in the Fall. Many national stores offer a ship-to-store option that will allow you to pick up your items once you arrive in Prescott.

For your convenience, we have partnered with Dormify to provide an easy, affordable way to purchase Twin XL bedding, dorm storage solutions and everything else you'll need (and want) for your new home away from home. Please visit era.dormroom.com to get move-in day ready and create your dream dorm! Use the address above as the shipping address (if box is unknown, you can leave it blank). This is a special program that works directly with ERAU Housing and Residence Life to ensure all their bedding fits our beds, and if you order online by August 1st, the bedding will be delivered to your room before move-in, eliminating the need to go to the mailroom.

Mattresses in our residence halls are extra-long (36 inches x 80 inches). ERAU has a relationship with Residence Hall Linens to provide our students with a convenient, affordable way to purchase extra-long sheets and bedding items, as well as other campus-living necessities. This is the only university-endorsed linen program. Proceeds from this program go to programming in the residence halls. Order now for the best selection. Popular colors can sell out quickly. Please visit the RHL website.
Mid-July, we will send each student who completed a housing contract for the Fall semester official notification confirming room assignment, mailing address and roommate's name and phone number via their University e-mail address. New or returning students who are new to housing in the Spring semester will receive official notification in the end of December.
Any damages are charged to the responsible party, if known. If something is damaged, please report it to a Housing and Residence Life staff member. If the responsible party is not identified, the damages will be divided evenly by the residents who live in the area (if in a bedroom, it is split between roommates. If in a common lounge, it is split between all residents of the apartment, suite, or building). See the Student Handbook for more regarding damages.
This depends on where you live. Students in Mingus Mountain are able to control the room temperature via in-wall unit. The Village Complex, Thumb Butte Apartments, and Thumb Butte Suites provide limited adjustments to the temperature, with a standard temperature set and students can turn the AC/Heating unit on or off. Thumb Butte suites are controlled by building and are have a set temperature.