Panorama of Embry-Riddle's Prescott Campus during the Summer months

Summer is a great time to get a head on classes/flight or play a little catch up. Summer housing is available for all students and is an independent contract from the academic year. Students are able to live on campus year round, they just need to complete separate Summer and Academic year housing contracts.

Housing and Residence Life continues to provide events and activities over the summer. Popular past events include Taco Tuesdays, hikes, night swim parties, and trips to the movie theater.

Please be sure to check out the Terms and Conditions for Summer found at the HRL website. Pay special attention to the check-in and move-out dates for each Summer term.

Summer Storage

ERAU utilizes a corporate partner to offer summer storage options for students. Please contact the Housing and Residence Life Office for specific information at

Summer Housing Process

Students are able to apply for Summer contracts in January. Summer contracts are available for Summer A, Summer A & B, or Summer B. Special flight contracts are available for those flying with Embry-Riddle where student’s housing charges are prorated based on the time the stay in the halls/when they fly.

We do our best to reduce the number of moves students need to make during the summer. The summer hall will depend on our construction and renovation plans, so it may change from year to year. If a student’s Spring room is also available for the Summer, we will try to have them stay put and not have to move in May. Likewise, if possible, if a student’s fall room is available for the Summer, we will try to get them into that space so they don’t have to move in August.

If a student is living in the halls in the Spring semester, they can stay in their Spring room until the Summer A move-in day. They must move to their Summer A room by the day before Summer classes start.

If a student is living in the halls during Summer B and has a Fall housing contract, they are able to move into their Fall room early, on the Summer B move out date.