Students enjoying their time in their dorm

Welcome home again! As a returning student we thank you for continuing to live on-campus. Housing and Residence Life strives to create a home away from home where all ERAU students are able to thrive academically, professionally, and personally.

Our office handles all maintenance requests. If a light burns out or you have another maintenance concern, please tell your RA, e-mail us, or call us at (928) 777-3744.

We provide emergency response 24/7. If you are in need of assistance please contact the HRL emergency line at (928) 777-3790 and listen to the prompts. You can also contact Campus Safety at (928) 777-3333.

Housing rules and regulations are outlined in the Student Handbook found at the Dean of Students page.

Room Selection

Who Gets to Live on Campus and Where

Housing is a finite resource and we do our best to accommodate all of you who want to live on campus. With that said, application date is the fairest way possible to determine who will be able to live on campus and who will be put on a waitlist. Please note, that for the past few years, all of those students who were initially put on the waitlist were offered on-campus housing.

Terms and Conditions

Please be sure to read and be familiar with the Terms and Conditions found on the HRL website. Contracts are for the academic year (Fall and Spring) or Spring only.

Application Dates

Whether you get a space on-campus or are put on the waitlist is based on your application date. All applications are done online and you will use your ERNIE credentials to sign in. Applications for Fall/Spring are typically available the end of January/beginning of February. Applications for Summer housing are typically available in early December. Exact dates/process are emailed to all current ERAU students and will be updated to this website.

Waitlist Students and Process

Spaces are provided based on application date and time. The waitlist is managed in the same fashion, with those who applied earliest offered a space first. If you are on the waitlist you are able to cancel their contract without penalty prior to accepting a room assignment. As a space becomes available, HRL will use ERAU e-mail to offer the next person on the waitlist. Once offered, you have 72 hours to accept the space. If you decline the space, or fail to accept, your contract is automatically cancelled and you will be removed from the waitlist. See the Terms and Conditions found at the HRL website for additional information.

At any point in time you can contact the HRL office to find out their status on the waitlist. HRL will communicate with students via ERAU e-mail with updates throughout the semester and summer as to their waitlist status.