Apply to be an RSA® Conference Security Scholar

RSA® Conference, the world's largest information security conference, draws more than 45,000 global cybersecurity professionals, 600+ exhibitors, and hosts over 550 sessions. It is an educational platform for exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, discussing current national and international policies and identifying future threats in cybersecurity.

The RSA® Conference Security Scholar program occurs during RSA® Conference and connects the brightest up-and-coming cyber security students to leading experts, sponsoring organizations, peers and Conference attendees. Its goal is to share knowledge, experience and connections to enrich the discourse on how to stay ahead of cyber threats.

RSA Conference 2024 and the Security Scholar Program will take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, May 6-9, 2024.

The Cyber Intelligence and Security (CIS) Department at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott will select two students to represent the University as RSAC Security Scholars.

RSAC Security Scholars will receive:

  • Travel and hotel expenses paid. (If traveling farther than 50 miles, economy airfare up to $900 — exceptions made upon review. Hotel accommodations for 4 nights provided and booked by RSAC at RSAC Security Scholar preferred hotel.)
  • Extended time with corporate organizations and leaders in multiple settings.
  • Complimentary Full Conference Passes for future RSA Conferences while a student (maximum of 2 additional years after attending RSA Conference 2024).
  • Access to the RSAC Security Scholars private LinkedIn Group.

RSA Security Scholars:

  • Participate in two (2) dinners one with experts (formal) and one with alumni of program (informal).
  • Engage in round table discussions on timely topics with sponsors and academics from fellow institutions.
  • Optionally, present to RSAC attendees, potential employers, and fellow students at the RSAC Scholar Poster Board Session.


Applicant must be a junior or senior in the B.S. Cyber Intelligence and Security degree program, or a student in the M.S. Cyber Intelligence and Security degree program.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility for this scholarship opportunity, please contact, Dr. Krishna Sampigethaya,


To apply, please upload the following as attachments:

  • CV or resume
  • Statement of interest: Why do you want to be an RSAC Security Scholar and how do you represent the diversity and interdisciplinary nature of our cyber programs? (max. 500 words)
  • Optional: will you present a poster, if so, provide a 250 word abstract on the topic you will be presenting as a poster.

Files must be less than 10 MB; Allowed file types: pdf.

Why do you want to be an RSAC Security Scholar and how do you represent the diversity and interdisciplinary nature of our cyber programs? (max 500 words)
Files must be less than 10 MB; Allowed file types: pdf.

(max 250 words)
Files must be less than 10 MB; Allowed file types: pdf.
Commitment (required)

Why Apply?

  • Meet the Legends. Participate in private functions and meet industry movers and shakers.
  • Enhance Your Learning. Hear from the experts and learn about the latest industry discoveries during Conference sessions and keynotes.
  • Make Career-long Connections. Meet talented students from across the nation who will become valuable colleagues throughout your career.
  • Network with Future Employers. Connect with potential employers and learn about problems that the industry is trying to solve today.
  • Share Your Knowledge. Showcase your work to fellow university students, RSAC attendees and potential employers at the Security Scholar Poster Session.

From Previous Years’ RSAC Security Scholars

Attending the RSA Conference as a security scholar was an unparalleled experience that helped me foster connections with leading industry experts and fueled my ambition to learn more about this field. My favorite part of the conference was being able to network with other security scholars in the same field. As a security scholar I was also in the unique position to attend any of the presentations or workshops I wanted to. Being a security scholar wasn't just about going to the conference as an event, but also an investment in my future as a member of the cybersecurity workforce.
Kestrel Carlough (BS CIS ’22; MS CIS ’24)
Attending the RSA Conference as a part of the Security Scholar program was a transformative experience, I am grateful for. Not only was I able to learn from experts in cybersecurity during lectures, but I was able to network with a vast array of talented undergrad and graduate students from universities all over the country who are also Security Scholars. The main highlight of being a Security Scholar was attending a dinner with industry experts, including Whit Diffie, Adi Shamir, Mari Galloway, and Lesley Carhart.
Victoria Plinksi (BS CIS ’24)
RSAC Security Scholar Program was great! The RSAC was also the first security conference I was able to attend in person, so that on top of the security scholar program there was a lot going on. Since one of my favorite parts of cyber security as a field is the total number of topics you can study, I really enjoyed being able to go from a talk about IoT security in the energy sector, to one about the global political landscape of cyber warfare, to a exploration of a zero day discovered in some cryptographic implementations. Two major opportunities really stuck out. First off, just being around other cyber security students passionate about their education. I was one of only a few scholars there who only had a bachelor's degree! Secondly, one of the events was a dinner with some of the icons of the security world. This was really eye opening to see that most of their roots in security were very similar to my own, getting a computer at a young age and just playing around with breaking things.
Logan Knapik (BSCIS ’22)

How to Apply

  • Fill out the scholarship application form
  • Due date: October 10, 2023