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Return of Title IV Funds Policy

This page contains information for students who receive financial aid and withdraw from all classes within a term.

Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Eligibility

This page details the standards of satisfactory academic progress policy that financial aid recipients must maintain to continue receiving aid.

Student Right-to-Know Act (Graduation Rates)

In accordance with the Student Right-to-Know Act passed by Congress in 1990, this document provides graduation rates of first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students, as well as those of the subset of students who received athletically-related student aid.

Availability of Employee for Dissemination Purposes

The financial aid management staff is able to assist enrolled or prospective students with obtaining consumer information such as but not limited to financial assistance, graduation and completion rates, security policies and crime statistics.

Other university employees, such as enrollment counselors/advisors and financial aid counselors, may also provide information regarding their specific areas of responsibility.  

Residential Students Taking Online Classes

According to federal regulation and academic policy, there are no overlapping enrollment periods permitted. If a residential student wants to enroll in an online class, it must fit with the residential semester start and end dates. Contact your financial aid counselor if you have questions.

Residential students will be charged the published residential rate for both in-person and online modalities. Residential students are not eligible for Worldwide tuition rates.

Sign-up to Receive Text Messages

Opt-in to receive text messages from the Financial Aid Department and Student Financial Services by agreeing to receive text messages. This can be done when activating your ERNIE account. Those who have previously declined SMS Notifications but want to enroll now, navigate to ERNIE > Campus Solutions > Profile > SMS Notification Preferences.

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