We offer three majors focusing on different aspects of psychology. To determine which major is right for you, it’s important to first evaluate your interests and values. Do you want to help improve products to maximize safety and performance? Would you like to use your psychological expertise to improve the workplace? Or are you interested in the application of psychological research in the legal arena?

Use the statements below to help you decide which path to pursue. Contact an advisor for additional guidance.

Human Factors Psychology

Also called ergonomics, engineering psychology or user experience

  1. I enjoy working with technology.
  2. I want to create technology to improve the human user experience.
  3. I’m interested in ergonomics, error prevention, product design or usability.
  4. I’d enjoy creating products and devices with the human in mind.
  5. I’m interested in working in aviation, health care, gaming, military or any field where I can create faster, safer and easier systems for humans to use.
  6. I’d enjoy collaborating with engineers, program managers and developers to identify and create the next generation of technology.
  7. I’m interested in applying the basic principles of human capacity and limitations to product and system design.

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Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Also called I-O, Business, or Work Psychology.

  1. I’d prefer to use my psychological expertise in the workplace.
  2. I want to improve the health and well-being of organizations and their employees.
  3. I’d like to help businesses hire the best employees possible.
  4. I’m interested in learning how consumers’ emotions, mental processes and behaviors influence what products they buy, and how they use those products.
  5. I’d enjoy creating, implementing or improving training programs.
  6. I’m interested in leadership in organizational settings.
  7. I’d enjoy motivating employees to do their best work, individually or in teams.
  8. I’d enjoy assessing employee attitudes, abilities and performance.
  9. I’m interested in creating better, smarter workplaces.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology degree.

Forensic Psychology

  1. I’d prefer to use my psychological expertise in legal settings (e.g., courts, correctional facilities).
  2. I want to understand how psychology impacts the legal system.
  3. I’m interested in assessing the risk of violence based on human mental processes, experiences and behaviors.
  4. I’d enjoy assessing, treating or evaluating persons who are involved with the legal system in some way.
  5. I’m interested in victim advocacy and recovery.
  6. I’d enjoy working with at-risk populations, such as trauma survivors or juvenile delinquents.
  7. I’d enjoy designing, implementing or improving correctional programs.
  8. I’d like to work closely with law enforcement.

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