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The Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott Arizona, the only planetarium in Northern Arizona


Science Speaker Series Event: Dr. Kevin Hardegree-UllmanScience Speaker Series: Dr. Kevin Hardegree-Ullman

Livestream Time: March 4th, 12 PM Local

In the last three decades a new and thriving field has emerged. We have gone from the first discoveries of planets beyond our Solar System (exoplanets) in the late 80s and early 90s to now over 4,300 confirmed planets, 85% of which were discovered in the last decade alone. Current and future exoplanet research and missions will continue to uncover not only new exoplanet systems, but also information about planet formation, atmospheres of Earth-like worlds, and biosignatures.

A Tour of the GalaxiesA Tour of the Galaxies

Livestream Time: March 13th, 11 AM Local

We live on a planet in orbit around a star, which exists within a gigantic galaxy. What are these galaxies? What do they look like? What are they made of? We will explore this topic during this month's planetarium educational livestream!

The Prescott March Night SkyPrescott March Night Sky

Livestream Time: March 18th, 6 PM Local

The equinox approaches, heralding the coming of spring! We will explore what stars, planets, and more will be visible in your sky during this season. If you attend live, you can even participate in the show, asking questions in the YouTube Live chat. Your questions may even be answered during the program.

A Special Note to Celestial Spring Gala Attendees

We will be rescheduling the gala for a future date. If you would like to keep your seat for this upcoming event, we would be happy to keep your gift on file and move your seat to the to-be-determined date in the future. However, if you would prefer a refund, we can of course process that for you as well. Queries or requests in that regard can be directed to ERAU Prescott's Executive Director of Development Steve Bobinsky at bobin97@erau.edu

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