Frequently Asked Questions

What other institutions charge these fees?

In the State of Arizona, ASU and NAU pass along the credit card fees to their students. UofA, Grand Canyon and Yavapai College do not pass the fees to students.

What is the cost of credit card processing?

Credit card processing fees for the Prescott Campus are over $200,000 annually.

When will this take effect?

August 1, 2014.

Why is Embry-Riddle charging a fee for the use of my credit card?

The credit card payment method has become very expensive because of the fees charged by credit card companies to Embry-Riddle for credit card transaction processing. However, Embry-Riddle is committed to providing students and their families a range of options for paying their educational expenses.

Is charging a service fee legal in Florida/Arizona and are other Universities charging a processing fee for credit card transactions?

Yes to both. Credit card processing fees are not unique to Embry-Riddle. Other schools in Florida/Arizona and across the country currently charge processing fees for credit card transactions or are not allowing credit card payments at all.

Why is the processing fee 2.95%? How was that percentage established?

2.95% or a $3.00 minimum is the amount established by our third party credit card processor.

What charges does this fee apply to?

This will include items such as tuition, mandatory fees, housing, meal plans, parking, fines and any other charges processed through your student account. In addition, payments made by credit card in ETA (flight charges) will be assessed this fee.

Do these charges apply to Flight Payments?

The fee of 2.95% will be assessed to all credit card payments made through ETA, deposits made to Flight Dollars in flight OPS (phase II) or flight charges posted to the student account.

Do these charges apply to Deposits made to EagleCard?

Currently, there will be no fee assessed to deposits made to Eagle Dollars.

How can I avoid paying the processing fee?

  • Mail your check to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Attention: Cashiers, 3700 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott, AZ 86301 (please include your ID # on the check)
  • Electronic check or Wire Transfer (bank fees may apply)
  • Make payment at the Cashier’s office in Building 13, using Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Debit Card with pin.

Can I make a credit card payment on my student account over the telephone?

Beginning 8/1/14, credit card payments may not be made by telephone.

Can I pay in person with a credit card/debit card on my student account?

Credit card and debit card payments can be made in person at the Cashier’s office located in the Building 13, using one of our payment kiosks. The processing fee of 2.95% will apply to credit card payments.

If I make a credit card payment in error, will my processing fee be refunded?

No. The processing fee is not refundable, even if the payment to which it relates is cancelled, refunded, credited or charged back.

If I use my debit card to pay my student account charges, will I be charged a processing fee?

No, as long as you chose debit card with pin as your method of payment in the Cashier’s office.

What credit cards are accepted at Embry-Riddle for student account payments?

Embry-Riddle accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Payments may be made online via the student portal or at the Cashier’s office located in the Building 13, using one of our payment kiosks. We will no longer accept card payments by telephone. A kiosk is available at the Cashier window for online payments. 

Will the processing fee that I am charged be included on my student account breakdown and statement?

No. The processing fee is a fee assessed by a third party company, Touchnet Information Systems. The processing fee will not appear on your student account, or on your Embry-Riddle statement. You will receive notification that the online payment was processed successfully, and it will show the amount of payment, the amount of processing fee, and the total payment amount.

Flight Deposits or Payments effective July 6, 2015

How do I pay for my flight activity in ETA?

  • Credit card (subject to a 2.95% processing fee, effective July 6, 2015)
  • Electronic check (ACH) effective July 6, 2015
  • Flight Dollars
  • Student Account (If you have available financial aid, effective July 6, 2015)

How do I make a deposit to my Flight Dollars?

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