Color Guard

The Army Color Guard provides an activity for cadets interested in developing skills in close order drill and building self confidence and discipline. Color Guard represents the Military Science Department by carrying the American, state, and organization flags during various ceremonies, such as graduation, memorial services, Arizona Cardinals football games, and community events such as parades. The Color Guard also ensures that U.S. Army customs and courtesies with regard to the National Colors are observed by raising and lowering the flag with honors. Color Guard is offered as an extracurricular activity that supports the ideals of patriotism, honor, and respect for our nation and the flag of the United States of America.

Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge is an intercollegiate extreme sport that pits nine-member teams against each other in local, regional, and national competitions. The sport requires both physical and intellectual dexterity to successfully accomplish all of the required tasks. Students undergo extensive physical training, weapons training, and hands-on common skill training in preparation for competition with other ROTC battalions throughout the region at the Ranger Challenge competition.

Training includes push-up, sit-up, and two-mile run events, one-rope bridge, marksmanship, tactical assault course, assembly and disassembly of standard arms, land navigation with map and compass, tactical patrol orders and operations, and a six-mile road march with field gear.

Intramural Sports

Army ROTC cadets and cadre compete in many intramural sports, including flashball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, floor hockey, softball, and more.