Event Request

Request for STEM Outreach Event

In order to plan appropriately for your event, please provide the information requested below so that we can begin discussing your event. ERAU STEM Outreach events should be arranged with the following guidelines in mind:

  • All requests should be made at least one month prior to the scheduled event.
  • Transportation to and from ERAU must be provided by the requesting organization; if a visit to the ERAU Flight Line is included, the requesting organization will need to provide transportation for that as well.
  • Demonstrations or activities coordinated by ERAU staff may have costs associated – requesting organizations will be required to cover those costs as appropriate.
  • All visitors to campus must fill out and submit the ERAU Activity Release Form prior to arrival and participation in any activities.
  • ERAU is an active learning environment – visitors are expected to be respectful of the classroom environments you will be engaging with while on campus.
  • Student employees and volunteers at ERAU must be treated respectfully.
  • Organizations should plan adequate travel time to and from the ERAU campus.

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*All requests subject to availability

**Subject to group size

* For information on current planetarium shows, visit the Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium page