The Aviation Safety and Security Archives (ASASA) provides information about aviation safety and aviation security to faculty, students and the aviation community. It is a repository that promotes research by identifying, acquiring, preserving and making available primary, unique records, manuscripts and material, and it is a portal that facilitates access to information relating to aviation and aviation/aerospace safety and security.

In pursuit of this mission, the Archives will:

  • Acquire material (regardless of form or characteristics) from a wide range of sources, including but not limited to private corporations, professional organizations, university alumni and industry experts.
  • Assess, organize, describe, preserve and make available unique, primary documents of enduring value.
  • Assess, organize, describe and make available significant information and documents with subject relevance.
  • Promote knowledge and understanding of aviation safety and aviation security.
  • Serve as a research center for the study of aviation and aviation safety and security by the university and the scholarly community at large.
  • Provide adequate facilities for the retention, preservation, processing and research use of such materials.



ASASA staff is happy to help you find the information you need and identify resources for research projects.

Scan and Photocopy Requests

We are able to provide copies of materials from the archives' collections. If you are unable to visit the archives to make selections in person, ASASA staff can help you identify which items or files to request. While most items can be copied, there may be some exceptions due to copyright, proprietary or confidential information, donor restrictions or format. We reserve the right to limit the size of copy orders. Please see our fee schedule for additional information.

Embry-Riddle Classes

We provide support to university classes through tours, class visits to introduce ASASA resources to students, assisting students in using the archives, and collaboration with faculty to develop class assignments and other projects that make use of the archives.


To donate materials that are in line with the Archives’ mission to preserve and make accessible aviation safety and security documents, send us an email at prasasa@erau.edu or call us at 928-777-3949.

Although we cannot offer monetary appraisal services, we may be able to direct you to professional appraisers, or you may be able to appraise your own collection for IRS purposes if the value is below a specified amount.

We also welcome monetary donations to support the cost of preserving, describing and making available the rare and unique materials in the archives.

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