As an applied student, you now have access to the Embry-Riddle campus intranet, ERNIE. ERNIE is where applied students, current students, faculty, and staff access Embry-Riddle's intranet.

What does ERNIE Provide?

As an applied student, you can use ERNIE to:

  • ernie login screenshotCheck your application status
  • Access your Embry-Riddle email account (instructions)
  • Find contact information for University staff
  • View announcements and news about Embry-Riddle
  • See important deadlines and dates
  • Make a payment

How to Access ERNIE

This service is only available to applied, accepted and current students.

  1. Visit ERNIE and click on "Activate Your Account" to get started.
  2. You'll navigate through screens that will prompt you to enter information about yourself. The best way to establish your account is to use your ERAU student identification number. You'll find your student I.D. on the letter we send you confirming your application has been received. Or you can call and ask us for it.
  3. Once your account is established, visit the Services tab at the top of the page in ERNIE where you'll find access to campus services like student accounts and financial aid.
  4. The Campus Solutions link located on the Services page is where you'll find information for applying and managing your EAGLEcard.
  5. Navigate to the Student Center via the "Visit the Student Center" link on the ERNIE homepage.

Flight Students

  • Students planning to register for flight courses need to bring documentation with them in order to be cleared for flight.
  • Those who have already earned ratings can send copies to the Admissions Office so we can register you for the appropriate course. You can also fax copies of your ratings to 928-777-6613.
  • Students must have a Class I or II medical certificate in order to fly at Embry-Riddle.
  • Learn about TSA regulations and view the Pre-Arrival Checklist to aid you in planning for flight courses on campus.  
  • Students must bring proof of United States citizenship, if applicable.

For more information about campus life, please visit the Housing site and the Student Life section.