Outside of the Prescott Campus Athletics Center

Athletics and Fitness Facilities

The Athletics Center is on the west side of campus and was recently renovated with new a Fitness Center and with new Men’s and Women’s locker rooms and there are even more upgrades on the way. The renovation plan completed in 2015 included $4.2M worth of remodeling and renovations that brought to campus a new basketball court and bleachers, new training equipment, offices for staff, as well as connecting the facility to our Activities Center. The fitness center is home to a weight room and the new cardio room, which features flat-screen TVs on the walls and iPod/MP3-ready elliptical machines, treadmills, stair-steppers, and other cardio equipment. Just off the main lobby is the aerobics room, which offers various exercise classes, including yoga, yoga for golfers, Zumba, and even ballroom dancing.