A student whose attendance at the University is interrupted is required to apply for re-admission. You are considered a returning student if you have enrolled at another institution without prior written approval, fail to enroll in at least one Embry-Riddle course within a two-year period or have been suspended from the University.

To be readmitted, students must submit the following:

  • Transcripts. If a returning student has taken college level courses during this period, transcripts from those schools must be submitted to Embry-Riddle.

  • Resume. Returning students are required to submit a resume with a complete history of academic and extra-curricular activities, including accomplishments, activities, awards, honors, employment and other achievements. 

Optional Information

  • Admission Essay. While an essay is not required for admission, it may help us to assess your qualifications. You may include an essay when you submit your application package.

  • Letters of Recommendation. Letters from your teachers, employers or a community leader can address areas of your background which are not always evident in your academic record. We suggest you submit two letters of recommendation. Letters of Recommendation forms are available for your convenience in PDF format. The forms are not required. Letters of recommendation submitted by your references are acceptable.