Welcome to Embry-Riddle's Prescott Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE). CTLE is dedicated to providing faculty with the information, resources, training, and support essential for success in today's climate of higher education.

CTLE Fall 2021 Programs

CTLE Co-Sponsored Seminar Series

The CTLE Co-Sponsored Seminar Series, happening most Mondays 12-1pm this Fall, will cover many different teaching and learning concepts of general interest to the ERAU community, and all of which will be co-hosted by offices at ERAU committed to student learning and engagement. Sessions will be face-to-face and interactive so you can expect to be engaged. All sessions are “Brown Bag” (i.e. feel free to bring your lunch with you) and will be run in the Active Learning Center (the ALC), which is in the Business, Security and Intelligence Building (Building 17), in Room 136. Finally, we will have cookies/treats and a Keurig handy for those who need added incentive. Click here for session titles and to register.

Faculty and Staff Learning Communities

Faculty and Staff Learning Communities (FSLCs) are active, collaborative, yearlong programs made of 3 to 12 individuals that focus on a topic of common interest, usually on ways to enhance teaching and learning, and with frequent planned activities that provide exploration, development, the scholarship of teaching & learning, and community building within that group. The FSLC launch date is Friday, October 8, 12-1:30pm, in the Lower Hangar in the Student Union Building (lunch provided).

We strongly encourage participants to come with a short list of topics of interest, which we will discuss and evaluate during the session. Only topics with 3 or more participants will be considered for funding (yes, groups get semester-long funding for their work on an FSLC). Lunch will be served (awesome!) so be sure to register. Register for the FSLC here.

Mid-semester Feedback Program

Are you interested in getting anonymous feedback from your students but worried about a tsunami of complaints/concerns? Would you like to have student feedback available before the end of the semester so you have time to digest and possibly implement a change or two? Do you care about the student experience in your class and want to make deliberate improvements based on that experience? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then the Mid-semester Feedback Program is for you.

The student survey focuses on three questions: (1) What in this class is helping you learn? (2) What in this class could be improved to help you learn? and (3) What could you be doing to improve your own learning? The feedback is anonymous and run through the CTLE office so your students will feel comfortable providing feedback. Data is processed and then shared only with the requesting faculty. Please apply here to the Mid-semester Feedback Program.

Partnership in Learning

CTLE employs a "partnership in learning" approach for educational and professional development through:

The CTLE is Here for You

No matter what stage of your teaching career you find yourself, CTLE programming is designed to "meet faculty where they are at." That is, CTLE is here to assist first-time instructors, as well as early-career, mid-career, and late-career colleagues since research shows faculty needs change throughout each of the career stages.

Working together, learning from each other, and implementing the most effective teaching strategies known to increase and improve the depths of student learning will elevate Embry-Riddle's Prescott Campus to admirable heights.

We look forward to our imminent ascent towards campus-wide teaching and learning excellence.

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Joshua Caulkins
Director, CTLE
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Fall 2021 Semester

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