The Propulsion Laboratory consists of development and testing facilities for air-breathing and rocket propulsion systems and components. Current student projects being worked on in the Propulsion Lab include design, build, and test of a liquid oxygen kerosene rocket, conversion of an automotive turbo-charger to a gas turbine engine, and building a scale model of an afterburner for a jet engine. In addition to student projects the Propulsion Lab houses instructional laboratory equipment and is used in the Thermal Fluid Sciences course with its accompanying lab.

The Propulsion Lab is also home to Embry-Riddle Prescott’s rocket testing complex, which consists of three rocket test cells and a reinforced control room. The newest addition to this complex, Test Cell 3, is an enclosed liquid rocket test facility capable of handling rockets using cryogenic propellants. Test Cell 3 was designed and built by students and the first rocket test is scheduled for this spring.

Faculty led research project in the Propulsion Lab include evaluating gas turbine blade cooling techniques using optical measurements, developing an electrical generation system for use in exploring Mars, and propulsion systems for all electric and gas electric hybrid air-craft. Many student lead research projects and organizations use the propulsion lab.


  • A 100 horse power Ingersoll-Rand air compressor
  • A National Instruments PXI express data acquisition system
  • 5 National Instruments compact Data Acquisition (cDAQ) systems
  • Over 20 Pressure transducers ranging from less than 0.5 psi to over 1000 psi.
  • Temperature measurement devices such as thermocouples, RTDs, and Thermistors
  • 5 Load cells for measuring force ranging from 10 pounds to 2000 pounds
  • 3 Keysight regulated DC power supplies
  • 4 Agilent digital multi-meters
  • 2 Instek digital storage oscilloscopes
  • 2 Instek digital arbitrary function generators
  • 6 engineering computer workstations
  • A 36” band saw
  • A floor standing drill press
  • A floor standing belt sander
  • A bench grinder
  • A large assortment of hand tools.

Lab Information

Location: Bldg. 71

Contact Us: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 928-777-6600 or 800-888-3728, or email

Lab Director: Elliott Bryner