Students who declare either a major or minor in Air Traffic Management can take up to six upper-level lab courses in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Laboratory. This lab features simulation software capable of mimicking the exact aircraft performance and characteristics found in real-life flight. Metacraft SimSuite, the ATC simulation training software located in the ATC lab is an exact replica of the software and technology used in real ATC facilities around the country.

Being able to operate 4 radar controllers and 2 tower controllers simultaneously with instructor stations adjacent to each controller station, ATC students get one-on-one instruction and attention through each course taken in the lab. The lab features equipment such as customized mechanical keyboards, trackballs and headset adapters much like the equipment found in the field. Students can be trained on Tower, Terminal and Enroute operations in our versatile and highly equipped ATC lab. The Tower Cab simulator is a 360-degree simulation capable of running any airport in the world.

Students enrolled as majors in the program will perform their capstone project in this lab at the culmination of all skills learned in each ATC environment. The ATC capstone project entails collaboration between flight students and controlling commercial aircraft flown on simulators by Aeronautical Science students at a separate location in the Airway Science Laboratory. This project encompasses many real-world challenges and skills found in the ATC profession and the realistic scenario better prepares students both as pilots and controllers for employment.


  • Metacraft SimSuite ATC simulation software
  • 4 controller scope-duplicated wall monitors
  • 16 Triple-monitor pilot workstations
  • 4 Triple-monitor radar controller workstations
  • 2 Triple-monitor tower controller workstations
  • 5-monitor supervisor station monitoring all activity in the ATC Lab
  • Elo touchscreen monitors
  • Kensington Trackballs
  • Max Keyboard backlit customized mechanical keyboards
  • Plantronics Quick Disconnect headset adapters
  • Push-to-talk Quick Disconnect headset adapters
  • Microphone engaging foot pedals
  • Overhead blue lights to reduce screen glair
  • Direct connectivity to Embry-Riddle Virtual Airspace (ERVA2) server
  • Airport model tabletops
  • 360-degree interactive ATC Tower Cab
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Flight Simulator

Lab Information

Location: Building 50

Contact Us: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 928-777-6600 or 800-888-3728, or email

Lab Director: Carol Martin

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