The cockpit of an Embry-Riddle Prescott campus flight simulatorSince the Wright brothers and Kitty Hawk, learning to handle low-altitude crosswinds and wind gusts has proven to be one of the most challenging parts of a pilot’s training.

Embry-Riddle’s advanced Redbird Xwind SE crosswind training/practice device enables our flight students to safely practice the proper approach and landing procedures for dealing with both steady crosswinds and strong wind gusts.

Providing both lateral and yaw motions, the ERAU Redbird Xwind SE gives students a true feeling of the impact of crosswind and gusts so that they can practice the hand-eye coordination necessary to land safely in these hazardous conditions.

In addition to providing realistic wind conditions, the Redbird Xwind SE will objectively score each landing a student makes. That scoring gives them honest instant feedback of their progression through more challenging crosswind conditions.

The Embry-Riddle Redbird Xwind SE features:

  • Variable crosswinds up to 30 knots
  • Variable wind gusts up to 15 knots
  • Low-altitude wind shear and turbulence
  • Laser markers for yaw and drift
  • Ability to provide up to 30 landing simulations per hour

The ERAU Redbird Xwind SE Crosswind Training/Practice Device is located in the University’s Robertson Flight Simulation Center. It is available for use by all students currently enrolled in a flight course.

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