A student tests his skills in a Paradigm Diamond DA42NG AATD flight simulator at Embry-Riddle's Prescott campusThe Embry-Riddle Prescott Campus uses Paradigm Advanced Aircraft Training Devices (AATDs) to complement our fleet of next generation Diamond DA42NG twin-engine aircraft. The FAA-certified AATDs feature aircraft model-specific aerodynamic programming, control loading, and a Garmin G1000 cockpit layout that precisely replicates our DA42NG training aircraft.

To increase the realism and value of training, the DA42NG AATDs feature Paradigm’s wraparound visual display system, which delivers a panoramic view of simulated runways, airports, terrain, and weather to give our students the most realistic learning experience possible.

With the same look, feel, and sounds of the actual airplane, the DA42NG AATDs enable our flight students to safely and efficiently sharpen their skills with many of the same multi- and single-engine maneuvers they will be required to demonstrate in the actual aircraft.

The AATDs can replicate sophisticated training scenarios, including emergencies and other real-world situations that we would not be able to safely demonstrate in the actual aircraft. In addition, the realism of the AATDs also gives students the capability to gain confidence with the advanced G1000 avionics suite in a controlled environment.

By using advanced simulations to augment our other training courses, Embry-Riddle is able to develop a pilot’s proficiency in areas that were previously only covered in theory.

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