Advanced Flight Training Device: Frasca DA42-VI TruFlite AATD Simulator

The Frasca DA42-VI TruFlite AATD Simulator is among the most highly respected advanced flight training devices in the industry. Installed in 2020, this DA42-VI model gives student pilots an immersive advantaged when utilizing the training environment. Complete with simulated aircraft traffic, terrain warnings systems, engine/system/avionic failures, weight and balance variants, and advanced 3-axis control loading (with force control feedback), offers students the “real feel” of the aircraft.  

The Frasca Simplicity instructor station includes dual touch screen monitors, lit keyboard, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity for iPad ForeFlight navigation to help each student and instructor with both simple and complex flight training environments.

Additional highlights of the DA42-VI TruFlite AATD Simulator includes:

  • NXi
  • 3 projector wrap-around visuals
  • 5000 lumen projectors
  • Advanced weather with vivid lightning, thunder, wind, cloud layers, rain, snow, and icing simulated conditions


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