AFROTC Det 028 Check In

Congratulations on taking the next steps towards a career as an Active Duty Air Force Officer. Please fill out the following form so that we may prepare for your arrival. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the detachment at 928-777-3868 or prafrotc@erau.eduNOTE: filling out this form in no way obligates you to the US Air Force, it is for internal tracking and planning purposes only.

Check in Form

If you will be joining us this Fall for Zero-Week (Monday-Wednesday prior to Prescott Campus Orientation), please complete the following questions.

Mark your calendars, Zero Week will be 20-22 Aug 2018!

Note: Cadets are HIGHLY recommended to purchase this Detachment Polo to wear for freshman “business casual” uniform requirements. All sizes are unisex and the cost will be $20.

Let us know if you plan on attending any of the following optional events during Zero Week:

Last event of the day for cadets only and is free.

Last event of the day for cadets and parents. It will be held at various restaurants around the local Prescott area. Note: Expected expenses will be around 10-20 dollars per person.

Last event of the day for cadets and parents. Note: Free for cadets and $5 per non-cadet.