Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Evaluation

An academic evaluation is conducted whenever transfer credit is requested. Current advisors, Department Chairs, and the Office of Records and Registration may determine the validity of transfer credit and how it is applied to your degree progress. You are also granted one academic evaluation per semester outside of the request for transfer credit evaluation. In order to receive an evaluation, you must have submitted all transcripts and been accepted into the University.

To get a head start and see which classes will transfer from your current institution to Embry-Riddle, please visit our Transfer Portal. Please note that only classes required for your degree program will transfer. In some degree program cases, other classes may be transferred in as elective credits. These equivalencies are provided as guides, not guarantees. You should work closely with your ERAU Admissions Counselor to ensure you take courses which will be applicable to your Embry-Riddle educational goals.

Advanced Standing Application

Advanced Standing status can be granted for work that was completed as a part of an appropriated post-secondary educational training experience or program. The instruction must have covered the material inherent in the specific course and must have been complex enough to give the student the required expertise and knowledge.

Approval for Advanced Standing is granted by the Office of Records and Registration.