Cyber Intelligence and Security Center


Our adversary in cyber space evolves at internet speeds with relationships, access to vulnerability information, recruitment among under employed but skilled computer workers … The challenge to understand, defend, discover and mitigate is ongoing.

The Center Researchers and Students utilize the computing resources in the Cybersecurity Lab and the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range.  Topics of interest include: Software defined networks, Aviation cybersecurity, Intrusion detection systems, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).  Students are involved in the Center through groups such as CyberEye, ISORT, Capture the Flag competitions in addition to involvement in research and consulting opportunities.

C Complex — Cyber activities require understanding of multiple disciplines

I Intelligence — Awareness of the capabilities, trends, practices of the adversary is critical

S Success — Security is measured in speed of response, reduction in losses,

C Collaboration — The Center brings together experts from academia, industry and government

Housed in the College of Security and Intelligence, the Center is multi-disciplinary and includes adjunct faculty, guest and remote subject matter experts (SME).  This center collaborates with the CyBASE Center in Daytona Beach and is funded in part by federal, state and local sources in addition to University support.

Faculty and Affiliates

Jon C. Haass, Ph.D. Dean, College of Security and Intelligence - Dr. Haass was appointed to the State of Arizona Governor’s Council to join the Arizona Cybersecurity Team. He is also an Advisory Board member of Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance. His research interests focus on security for Internet of Things, Threat Intelligence, and AI applied to Intrusion Detection.

Radakrishna Sampigethaya, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chair of Dept. of Cyber Intelligence and Security, College of Security and Intelligence - Research interests security of aviation systems including ADS-B, security of ad hoc networks in transportation systems, security of software defined networks, cyber physical systems security

Richard Finston, M.S. Adjunct Professor, College of Security and Intelligence - Area of expertise Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance from aviation and space platforms

Steve Hooper, M.S. Assistant Professor, Global Security and Intelligence, College of Security and Intelligence - Areas of expertise homeland security, anti-terrorism, trans national criminal organizations

Paul Hriljac, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics, College of Arts and Science - Research interests cryptography, simulations and geo-fencing algorithms for secure data transmission and storage

Matt Jaffe, Ph.D. Professor of Computer Science, College of Engineering - Research interests secure coding, requirements for large mission critical software projects

Sam Siewert, Ph.D. Professor of Software Engineering, College of Engineering - Research interests security concepts for disk storage, 3D visualization, human computer interfaces

Junaid Chaundhry, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Cyber Security, College of Security and Intelligence - Research interests are in critical infrastructure protection and network forensics. 

Jesse Laeuchli, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Cyber Security, College of Security and Intelligence - Research interests include challenges associated with graph theory, linear solvers, and related applications to data mining and machine learning.

Community Resources

CISC is part of the Greater Arizona Cyber Security community that includes small and large companies, governmental organizations and other academic partners. The Center is a hub for student activities including competitions, projects and research. 

  • AZ Cyber Talent provides a portal to resources for employers, students, organizations and academic partners to exchange ideas and reach out to the greater community.
  • The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range is a live fire cyber warfare range created to augment the current cyber security resources in Arizona and drive innovation in cyber security techniques, technologies, and training across the United States.
  • National Cyber Watch is a consortium of higher education institutions, businesses, and government agencies focused on collaborative efforts to advance Information Security education and strengthen the national cybersecurity workforce.