Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Facilities - Academic Complex

The Academic Complex (AC1) contains a number of classrooms and faculty offices for the Colleges of Aviation, Arts and Sciences, and Engineering. Labs are also available in AC1 to students from a variety of disciplines, such as the Engineering Design Lab, the Airway Science Lab, and the Weather Center. In short, AC1 serves as a hub of academic activity on the Prescott Campus.

Labs include the: 

  • Astronautical and Aeronautical Engineering Design Lab (Room 118): Some schools create teams of students around a small design project. The college of engineering creates large design teams similar to life in the industry. At any time the college may have a propulsion team, electronics team, attitude and control team,  integration team, as well as many others. Their projects could include a satellite or aircraft component, and this lab space offers the facilities to design and conference rooms to plan. It's an environment similar to what students will find in the industry.
  • Design and Computer-Aided Design Lab (Room 123): New engineering students typically in their freshman and sophomore years will come to this lab to learn design and Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Students work with modern equipment using software packages such as CATIA and Solid Works. This software works with Stereolithography (3-D) printers that create the student-designed parts out of thousands of layers of thin composite material.  

Lab Information

Location: AC1, Building 74, Rooms 118 and 123
Contact Us: To speak to someone about this lab or any of our facilities, call us at 928-777-6600 or 800-888-3728, or email

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