Detachment 028 is one of the largest cadet wings of all AFROTC detachments, and our cadets are excited about the opportunity to volunteer for your organization and make a difference in our greater Prescott community.

Common requests for volunteers include:

  • Color Guard performances
  • Honor Corps events
  • Support for events, organizations and individuals in need

To request volunteer support from our detachment, fill out the AFROTC Detachment 028 Request Form.

  • What you require volunteers for.
  • The date and time of the volunteering event.
  • How many volunteers you need.
  • What volunteers will need to wear and bring.
  • Any other information pertinent to the volunteering event.

Please note: We will not be able to support events that are requested within two weeks of the event occurring, due to time necessary to organize cadet volunteers. 

Example: If your event occurs on April 15, requests for volunteers after April 1 will not be accepted.