ERLI Classes

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ERLI Core Curriculum Courses

Intensive English (20 hours/week) students develop English skills in the four methods of communication: Writing & Grammar, Reading, Listening, and Speaking. Students are placed into one of four levels upon arrival based on the results of a comprehensive language exam: Upper Beginning, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced.

Please Note: There are no beginning level courses currently offered through the Embry-Riddle Language Institute.

ERLI Electives

  • Academic Skills: a booster class designed to help students learn to do research, write papers, give presentations, and use university resources to become a better student
  • Basic Grammar: students study the foundations of English structure to improve understanding of the language
  • Culture and University Skills ("ERLI 101"): Students learn to build an effective support system and adapt academic skills and behaviors necessary for educational success. The course familiarizes students with ERAU culture, campus resources, policies, procedures, and student life opportunities to facilitate academic and social transition into college life in the United States.
  • TOEFL or IELTS Preparation: students gain the skills, strategies, and confidence they need to be successful in all sections of the TOEFL

Aviation English (ELS 5)

The ERLI is pleased to be piloting the first Aviation English (ELS 5) course at ERAU-Prescott. This course is designed to prepare advanced-level English language learners for aviation specific English and will be taught using a blended learning model.

The course will include the fundamental knowledge and technical foundation, vocabulary, and phraseology that will allow the students to be better prepared for future aeronautical coursework. This course will consist of classroom instruction where students will work on skills such as pronunciation, relevant grammatical structures, essential technical vocabulary, speaking fluency, listening comprehension, and appropriate interactions in both routine and non-routine situations. The course will also consist of an online lab component. Once students have been introduced to essential vocabulary and have had sufficient practice, students will complete online modules through true course simulations, videos and in-class simulation exercises, air traffic controller interviews, case studies, and more.

To learn more about the new Aviation English course, please contact ERLI Instructor, Stacey McIntire, at