Three women graduate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Prescott Campus

Diversity Advisory Board Chair

Suzie Roth has been involved with diversity at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Prescott campus since her arrival over eleven years ago. As a skilled strategist and devoted champion of diversity, Suzie has led the Diversity Advisory Board for many years, working to expand its membership, professionalizing its operations, and spearheading the creation and implementation of the Diversity Plan.


Current members of the Diversity Advisory Board include:

  • Sarah Bofferding, Admissions
  • Erin Bowen, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Kamia Bradley, Student
  • Cindy Greenman, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Merrie Heath, College of Aviation
  • Marcee Keller, Disability Support Services
  • Wahyu Lestari, College of Engineering
  • Kalea Martin, College of Engineering
  • Sarah Nilsson, College of Aviation
  • Kelly O'Brien, Study Abroad & Global Engagement
  • Zachary Ontiveros, Student & SGA Rep.
  • DeeAnn Resk, CIPS
  • Suzie Roth - Chair, Library
  • Kelsey Smith, AFROTC
  • Allese Williams, Student
  • Melanie Wilson, Women & Diversity Center Director

Diversity Strategic Plan

To improve diversity within academic and intellectual experiences, additional collegiate experiences, perceptions of institutional environment, and educational and personal growth.


Although the Prescott Campus' female student population is at 23/24%, the campus still lacks in diversity among the student, faculty and staff populations. The campus leadership consists of no compositional diversity and the opportunity for advancement for females or persons of colors is limited. 

Action Item

  • Enlist assistance of campus leadership to acknowledge that there are issues of diversity inequality on this campus.
  • Appoint a UA Presidential Cabinet level administrator focused exclusively on diversity, working directly with the Prescott campus Director of Women's and Diversity Center to ensure that diversity is a priority for the University.
  • Diversity goals encompass all colleges and refer to more than just females.
  • Establish goals for student enrollment and faculty and staff hiring.
  • Define "Diversity" - religiously diverse populations, people of color, LGBTQ, international students, women and persons with disabilities. 
  • Create a global civic culture whereby students have a sense of personal responsibility to have a positive impact on society.

Incorporate diversity into curricula within all PRC Campus colleges. 


We are preparing students for a global industry within all disciplines. This global industry demands that its employees have a diverse, inclusive, and global perspective. 

Examples of this include:

  • Accreditation (ABET, ABBIE, SACS)
  • Industry standards
  • Global reputation, global education
  • Holistic educational approach
  • ERAU as the leader in the industry

Action Item

  • Diversity Director to be included on Gen Ed Committee and/or curricula committee to begin the conversation of adding additional multicultural courses on campus.
  • Implement a minimum of two week block within the UNIV 101 classes across the curriculum.
  • Invite industry to speak regarding diversity / inclusion standards within their scope of operations.

Improve Campus Diversity environment and culture.


There is no formal information provided to faculty or staff regarding the norms and standards of diversity / inclusion appropriate behavior. Inappropriate behaviors are evident within all colleges and departments at some level. Accountability for these inappropriate behaviors is absent. Additionally, there is a minimal number of formal programs that address an inclusive and diverse campus environment. 

Action Item

  • Include Diversity Director or member of Diversity Advisory Board at campus cabinet level. This will ensure the communication of relevant issues be heard at the highest level.
  • Create a LGBTQA staff and faculty group.
  • Provide knowledge and information on diversity to staff, faculty, and students.
  • Offer more inclusive housing options to students, i.e. The Gender Inclusive Living Environment (GILE) program providing LGBTQA students and others whom do not identify as LGBTQA an option for gender-blind housing on campus.

Advocate for unified diversity model for the University. 


Currently, ERAU does not have a University Diversity / Inclusion plan. This is critical to unifying a diversity / inclusion message and necessary for the success of our future graduates. Many government grants require a critical mass of diversity. Currently, the Prescott Campus does not have a critical mass of diversity and this could very well disqualify grant applications from our institution. 

Action Item

  • Standardize recruitment for faculty and staff.
  • Include a representative from the DAB on hiring committees for faculty and staff when able.
  • Must bring diverse person(s) in to interview. 
  • Spearhead authorship of a University Diversity Plan.
  • Propose locating the University Diversity function at, and leading it from, the Prescott Campus.