March 29 Checkout Instructions

Housing and Residence Life and ERAU continue to keep the welfare of our students a priority. For University updates, please visit

Halls Shut Down for occupancy as of Sunday March 29, 5pm

All students were notified via email (and this website) that the halls would be shut down on Sunday, March 29 at 5pm. In the unlikely event that you cannot vacate your residence hall, a formal exception request should be sent to the Dean of Students on your campus. Senior leadership will make a final decision. Exceptions will be granted only for international students and/or students facing an insurmountable hardship.

Checkout Process

We are doing everything possible to make this process as smooth as possible for you and your family.

If you return to campus to retrieve belongings

Students who have already left campus are encouraged to retrieve their belongings as soon as possible, ideally by Sunday, April 19. Students can come anytime between now and April 19 to do so, including over the weekends. Students are able to bring no more than three people with them to help pack up. All people entering campus must drop by a wellness check station prior to entering the halls. Anyone who has been on a cruise ship, have traveled to ANY international region, or have been in close contact with anyone with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days will not be allowed on campus.

Steps to checkout:

  • Retrieve your belongings
  • Leave items for storage on your desk (see storage below)
  • Go to the Housing & Residence Life Office on your campus
    • A black box outside the office has checkout envelopes
    • Place your room key in the envelope (or mail the key if you are NOT returning to the halls in the fall)
    • Fill out blank spaces on envelope
    • Turn envelope into key drop box

                     If you are NOT returning to campus to get belongings

      Students who are unable to return to campus to get their belongings will have their items packed and stored until August. Students need to complete a storage request found at to make this request.

      Steps to checkout:

  • Complete request for HRL to pack up and store your belongings (see below
  • Mail your room key and mailbox key (if not returning in to the halls in the Fall)
    • We recommend using a mail service that requires a signature/offers tracking

ERAU Housing Office

3700 Willow Creek Road

Prescott, AZ, 8631


Short-term storage (until Augusts) is available for all residents by filling out a request at If you are returning to campus to grab your belongings, leave items for storage on your desk and label them (a piece of paper with your name is fine). Please grab items out of common areas (kitchens, lounges) that are yours.

If you are NOT returning to campus, HRL will box and store your belongings.

We will do our best to determine ownership of items, any items from common areas will be stored together and students will be responsible to determine what is theirs when they pick items up in August.

Ship Essential items

HRL is able to ship essential items. Please go to to submit the request.


Students are able to leave their vehicles on campus as long as there is a valid ERAU parking decal on the vehicle. Students who return to campus to grab their belongings are asked to move their vehicles to lot F.


Embry-Riddle leadership is evaluating this issue now. Up to this point amid the global health crisis, we have been focused on ensuring that all students, and especially our graduating seniors, can complete their spring semester courses successfully and on time. We are meanwhile providing food and housing for those students who have decided to remain on our campuses. Please stand by for an announcement on this issue.