Beyond Our Solar System: Exploring Alien Worlds

The surface of an alien world far from earth, seen from space

Over the past few decades, we have just started to discover planets orbiting stars other than our Sun. This show explores the journey we have taken to uncover these distant worlds and and brings to light some of the exciting discoveries we have made about these incredible objects existing far beyond our own solar system. The experience will be narrated live by Planetarium Director Eric Edelman.

Shows will last for approximately 40 minutes. Tickets are free! Please remember to arrive at the planetarium at least 10 minutes prior to the showtime indicated on your ticket. For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

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This show is currently no longer available. Please visit the Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium main page for a list of our current feature listings, and check back often to see what exciting shows are coming up next!