How to Register

There are three steps to register with DSS:

  • Fill out and return the DSS Information Form. Please be as detailed as possible.
    • Ensure 'Adobe Reader' is present on the computer
    • Download the information form attachment from your email
    • Fill out the form and sign it
    • Save the form
    • Attach the form to an email to with the subject 'Information Form: (your Student ID Number) OR (Last name, first name)
  • Provide documentation of your disability. This should include:
    • A clear statement of your diagnosis
    • The diagnostic criteria used
    • The current functional impact of the disability
    • How it is currently being treated or managed (if applicable)
    • The expected progression/stability of the disability
    • The credentials of the diagnostician
  • This documentation must be on the diagnostician's letterhead. The Wellness Center can test for some things.
  • Schedule a time for your intake meeting at DSS. During this meeting, you will discuss what it means to register with DSS (confidentiality, why DSS is here, the process), your barriers to the academic environment, and which accommodations could enable you to have equal access to your education.

Temporary Disabilities and Services

You are not considered disabled if you have a temporary illness or injury; however, you may be in need of services or accommodations similar to those provided to students with permanent disabilities. If you are a student with a documented temporary illness or injury, contact Disability Support Services as soon as possible to discuss your case. 

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