Faculty Profile: Dr. Jon Haass, College of Security and Intelligence 


Dr. Haass lends his expertise to Cyber Security program at Prescott Campus

In a world reliant on computers and technology, Dr. Jon Haass is the type of industry expert you want behind the "cyber" curtain.

Dr. Haass joined Embry-Riddle in early 2013 as the Program Director for the new Bachelor of Science Degree in Cyber Intelligence and Security. As an associate professor, he also teaches courses in cyber intelligence, computer science and computer forensics to students enrolled in the cyber intelligence and security, global security and intelligence or software engineering degree programs.

Beyond the classroom, Dr. Haass is actively spreading the word about the United States’ first College of Security and Intelligence, founded in January 2014 by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Prescott. As an expert in cyber security, Dr. Haass frequently speaks at national conferences, including CyberWest - The Southwest Cybersecurity Summit where he addressed the growing need of young people to join careers involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as well as the importance of industry partnerships to better handle the complex nature and growing demand of cyber security. He is also the faculty mentor for CyberEye, a student-led organization that is analyzing open-source intelligence. Dr. Haass’ students recognize that one of the greatest strengths to which they have access is his expertise in the industry, duly noting it is a "huge asset" in their education.

When asked what he enjoys most about teaching, Dr. Haass smiled and answered, "The curiosity of students," to whom he offers this reassuring advice: "When you begin, you may start off as one thing and move to another – it is OK not to know what you’ll ultimately end up doing."

This counsel is mirrored in Dr. Haass' own background which began at the University of Wyoming studying mathematics and physics, led him to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he discovered the importance of computers as a research tool and ultimately, before joining Embry-Riddle, to becoming the leader or founder of several software development and consulting companies including Sun Microsystems, OpenTV, Sendmail and SoftKrypt.

What’s next for Dr. Haass? He is going to continue his outreach of the Cyber Intelligence and Security program by forging partnerships and articulation agreements with community colleges and high schools. He’ll continue to grow industry partnerships that will open doors for research internship and scholarship opportunities for students. His plans also include recruiting new faculty to meet the growing need of students enrolling into the program and expand the cyber lab to feature additional industry standard software and hardware for use in classes and extracurricular activities.

Dr. Haass lives in Prescott Arizona, has two grown sons and enjoys hiking in the Sedona area. For more detailed information on Dr. Haass’ education, milestones and publications please view his faculty profile.