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Welcome to Embry-Riddle University (ERAU) Project GO Chinese Program 2018, a Project GO school since 2009.

ERAU Project GO is an eight-week intensive program. May 10, 2018 is departure day from the United States, and July 7 is returning day back to the United States. 

The program consists of ERAU Project GO Advanced Chinese and ERAU Project GO Chinese. ERAU hosts the only Project GO Advanced Chinese program, which is for juniors and seniors who have been studying Chinese. Chinese language heritage students are also welcome to apply. ERAU Project GO is for students who MUST have completed one or two years of college-level Chinese by the start of the program.

All students will be taught by both American and local Chinese faculty. Classes will meet four hours per day, Monday through Friday, with learning outside of the classroom, visiting other universities, restaurants, and discount markets. On the weekend, in addition to organized field trips, students will have a chance to explore, on their own, a variety of places in China.

Please Note: Project GO participants MUST have a valid U.S. passport in their possession no later than 9-0 days before the travel date of May 10, 2018. A valid passport refers to a passport NOT expiring before March 2019. China requires student visas, meaning that a Chinese consulate is going to stamp a visa in a valid passport. The program will apply for visas on your behalf, provided that you have a valid passport in time.

If admitted, full scholarship is guaranteed, to include: 

  • Tuition/fees
  • Room and Board
  • Travel to/from study location
  • Program Trips to Great Wall, Terra Cotta Soldiers
  • Books (will be given to participants on site)
  • Insurance
  • Visa

*The scholarship does not include: personal spending money, personal travel, costs for obtaining a passport, medication, and expenses for dependents. 

*Monetary Incentive: Check with your respective military branch to learn more about the financial benefits available for studying a critical language. 

Additional Details 

Housing: The ERAU/CIEE program is provided by the Council of International Education and Exchange (CIEE). CIEE offers its participants a rare opportunity of home-stay, so that you can experience living in China as a native speaker does. 

Campus: The classrooms are located on the beautiful, clean, and quiet Minzu University campus on the thoroughfare of Zhongguan Avenue, in China's high-tech district, the so-called Silicon Valley of China. Convenient for subway stations, restaurants, and shops, the campus is minutes away from the Bamboo Garden, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, the National Museum, Ti'anmen Square, Military Museum, Temple of Heaven, to name a few famous sites. Class Schedule is M-F, 4 hours/day, plus 1/2 hour tutoring M-TH.

Program Levels

There are three courses (9 credits):

Current Topics: provides various opportunities for students to develop the ability to narrate, describe, and explain issues concerning the public, such as transportation. Visiting other universities and corporations, interviewing Chinese students, retirees, and women will be part of the course experience. Textbook: Advanced Listening.

Reading Chinese, using authentic and short material written for native speakers, with hands-on reading games, reading strategies, and visit to Chinese libraries. Textbook: Intermediate Chinese Reader.

Asian Geography: various aspects of Asian geography. Each student will research, prepare, and report on an Asian country.

*Applicants of the advanced program will be interviewed for their language proficiency by the program director.

There are three courses (9 credits): 


Cross-Cultural Communication

Introduction to Geography

Observing communication patterns in shopping, visiting Chinese universities, and being a Chinese student for a day will be part of the Year 3 learning experience. Textbook: Developing Chinese Fluency.

There are three courses (9 credits): 

Experiencing China

Enhancing Listening Skills

Enhancing Reading Skills

Shopping in Chinese, interviewing local Chinese, and dining in Chinese restaurants are part of the Year 2 learning experience. Textbooks: Encounters 2; Chinese Breeze Reader.

Please note there will be an on-site pre-program speaking assessment for all admitted students. 

How to Apply

All applicants MUST use the Project GO central application system to apply. Please go to Project GO to apply. Please ask your commanders and Chinese teachers to write recommendations early.

Please take time to write the application essays carefully. 

The deadline for application is 5pm EST, January 25, 2018.

Contact Information

Dr. Leeann Chen
Director of ERAU Project GO


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Dr. Leeann Chen
Professor of Asian Studies


All applicants MUST use the Project GO central application system to apply. Please go to Project GO to apply. Please ask your commanders and Chinese teachers to write recommendations early. Please take time to write the application essays carefully. 

The deadline to apply is 5pm EST, January 25, 2018

If you do not have a passport, you need to apply for one. While the program will apply for visas on your behalf in early February 2018, you will need to have a valid passport in hand by that time.  If you do not, you will not be considered for this program.