Preview Day 2016

Preview Day 2016 at Embry-Riddle Prescott

By a historical perspective, Preview Day 2016 was the largest on record with over 370 accepted students attending, however, numbers convey little of the true significance of the event which was welcoming the next generation of the Embry-Riddle family. 

“The energy and excitement on campus this past weekend was palpable,” said Bryan Dougherty, Dean of Enrollment Management. “Preview Day Weekend is designed to help accepted students and families make that decision to commit. But, it’s also exciting for our campus because we, as students, faculty and staff, get to share what we love and value about Embry-Riddle. From all reports, observations, and feedback it was a great success.” 

By the Numbers

  • Over 370 accepted students and families attended
  • 269 new students registered over the two days—a 35 percent increase from last year
  • Launched Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s first ever Snapchat account
  • Space Physics and Astronomy reported filling their session for the first time ever with new students and their guests.
  • Financial aid met with almost double the amount of students from last year
  • Dining facilities saw a 20 percent increase in total diners from last year

Student hosts and speakers including Chancellor Dr. Frank Ayers set the tone Saturday with a welcome message about expectations, opportunities and what it means to be an Eagle. 

“Here on our campus you’ll find that excellence is our standard, outstanding is what we achieve most often; and average is something we are just not very familiar with,” said Ayers. “We are focused on you. We are about helping you achieve your dreams here at Embry-Riddle. You are a part of our family now!” 

Senior in Aerospace Engineering Veronica McGowan spoke about choosing a university. “There’s a lot of reasons you’re at college but it’s really about getting that job, and not just any job, but that dream job. When I came to Preview Day five years ago I had offers from seven different universities and, like some of you, I hadn’t made my decision yet. That was the day I made my decision to attend Embry-Riddle and I’m so happy I did. I’m excited to graduate, not because I’m leaving Embry-Riddle, but because I have my dream job offer from Virgin Galactic.” 

The remainder of Saturday was spent meeting with college Deans and faculty, registering for fall classes, touring campus and the flight line, and exploring the campus clubs and organizations fair. 

The Friday events included a new student meet-up, night sky viewing at the Observatory Complex, and a parent social. Several students also attended the College of Arts and Sciences Speaker Series presentation by Space Physics faculty Dr. Michele Zanolin. 

“He made something that I had almost no understanding of engaging and entertaining. I thought he was great!” said Zach Coffee from Highlands Ranch, Colo. “My decision is made. I am going here and now I’m already registered.” 

Zach’s father Ron commented on how friendly everyone is, especially the professors. “At the parent social on Friday, Professor O’Hara sat and talked with me a significant part of the event. I appreciate that.” 

Ashley Little traveled from Big Bear, Calif., with her father Marc and will study Aviation Business Administration. “I started my own business awhile back and I want to learn to fly so this is perfect for me. I toured campus before so today I’m here to get my schedule picked out and be ahead of the game.” 

In addition to registering for classes, many students were excited to interact with students and faculty. 

“I have already deposited but this is my first time on campus so I’m excited to talk to everyone,” said Callie Swafford from Las Vegas. “At the student reception in my hometown, they talked about networking being so strong here. I really like that.” 

At the end of the weekend, Preview Day student host and senior in Aeronautical Science Sam Morris’ comments resonated with parents and students alike. During the morning welcome he explained that being from Hawaii, family is most important in life. “Wherever I chose for college needed to feel like they cared. On my first visit to Embry-Riddle my father looked at me and said ‘This is exactly where you belong’. And he was right.” 

Grace and George Estevez traveled from Covina, Calif., with their son Tom who will study Aerospace Engineering. With a smile on her face, Grace articulated the sentiment of Sam’s parents four years ago and many parents in attendance. “I am feeling reassured that I will be leaving him in good hands.” 

See the Preview Day photo album. Watch the Preview Day video morphing the Prescott campus into the future! Footage taken by UAS includes virtual placement of the architectural renderings and locations for the newest on-campus housing and the new STEM building based on the Campus Master Plan.