MSSS Graduate Mason Saldana: The Benefits of Being An Eagle

Mason Saldana


Mason Saldana is an Embry-Riddle student completing his final semester of the Master of Science in Safety Science (MSSS) program. He was born in Las Vegas, and began his college education in northern San Diego. It was there that he heard of Embry-Riddle’s great aeronautical program and was impressed by ERAU’s intercollegiate athletics programs, and decided to transfer to ERAU his sophomore year to earn a degree in Aeronautics.

Saldana completed his Aeronautics Degree in 2014 with three minors in Business Administration, Meteorology, and Aviation Safety. He went to work for Boeing at their aerospace facility building satellites before deciding to pursue Embry-Riddle’s MSSS program. Since beginning his master’s degree, Saldana has received the Outstanding Student Section Award due to his work within the American Society of Safety Engineers Club, which he presides, overseeing a variety of extracurricular safety initiatives.

Here’s what Mason had to say about the Masters of Science in Safety Science program at Embry-Riddle:


Why did you choose ERAU Prescott’s MSSS program?

I applied for the MSSS program because other MSSS students recommended how useful a master’s degree in the professional world could be. It creates a larger base of opportunities and gives you an edge over others with a lower educational status. My only safety knowledge at the time was from my Minor in Aviation Safety from ERAU, but I went for it because of the massive crash lab on site and the quality of the professors. It wasn’t until I joined this program that I really felt it was possible to do something I will love doing for the rest of my life.


 What does Embry-Riddle offer that other universities don’t?

ERAU gives students the freedom to explore industries of all types; from aviation, to national parks, to manufacturing plants, and then onto mining companies and so on. The Prescott campus attracts talent that is never-ending. As an ERAU student, you have the benefit of being around talented and experienced professors who can elaborate on any question you may have, and are only a phone call or email away. Additionally, the program now allows students to become Graduate Safety Practitioners, giving students an enormous advantage compared to safety programs provided at other universities.


What are some of the advantages of the new Executive Masters of Science in Safety Science program?

It allows currently employed individuals to take this program and keep their job simultaneously. It gives a larger amount of opportunities to anyone that is unable to leave their hometown if they live across the country—or even another continent! Since everyone works at a different pace, each student has the freedom to go as fast as they please in learning their new upcoming material, and can concentrate on building their professional development with short-term safety networking and consulting opportunities to complement their forthcoming master’s degree.


What are the benefits of attending a university in Prescott, Ariz.?

Compared to being brought up in Las Vegas, Nev. and living in California, I feel that Prescott is the perfect environment to focus on your class studies and research papers. The beautiful weather and natural wildlife promotes learning, opposed to living next to busy cities. Being in Prescott with an intimate ERAU ‘family’, who all want to learn and become an expert in the same field as you, has been a benefit to me. I don’t believe I would be this successful without making the decisions I have made to pursue the MSSS degree, and I trust that the program will support students like myself for generations to come.


Why should an applicant chose our EMSSS program?

I would urge any applicant to come and see how great Embry-Riddle’s Prescott campus is for themselves. They can tour the largest crash lab in the country, talk to ERAU’s very informative professors, and hang out with current graduate students to experience firsthand how great the program is. Embry-Riddle is well known in the aviation community, but is steadily becoming one of the best occupational safety programs available. The lifelong networking connections alone will be worth attending as you will create bonds with peers that are always eager to help; either by opening new employment opportunities, teaming up to complete a contract, or by assisting in new research projects.

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