Faculty-Led Programs

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By participating in a faculty led program you will be enrolled in and taking credits directly from Embry-Riddle. These opportunities are a great way meet and interact with faculty in a new and interesting way. They also make for a fun way to network with Daytona Beach students when you participate in the same program.

Faculty led programs consist of the following:

  • Programs last between 2-6 weeks and offer up to six credit hours
  • Participate in either Daytona Beach or Prescott programs
  • Financial aid applies for all programs. Contact the Financial Aid Office for details
  • Courses taught in English by Embry-Riddle (ERAU) faculty
  • Many programs include a three-day weekend
  • Field trips are included in all programs

There are two main types of faculty led programs currently available to students:

Summer Programs

A duration of 4-6 weeks during the summer. Some programs are specifically tailored toward a certain degree program, while others encompass all majors. The entirety of the program takes place abroad.

Semester Programs

Semester-long course work with travel during the winter or summer breaks. Travel duration is approximately 2 weeks and is a required course component.


  • At least sophomore standing (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis).
  • At least a 2.5 cumulative grade-point average (CGPA), in most cases.
  • A valid passport and/or required visas due a month prior to the end of semester.
  • $100 application fee (non-refundable unless program is cancelled)
  • $400 deposit (refund information on the applications). Don't forget to register for the summer courses you will take while abroad.

Apply for Study Abroad

Deadline: Deadlines differ by program.  See the application form for specific deadlines.

Health Information Form: Required for travel. Please contact Kelly O'Brien, Ed.D., Director, SAGE for a copy of the Health Information Form.

Cancellation: If you must cancel your participation in one of the ERAU Study Abroad Programs, please submit a Program Cancellation Form. Be aware that if you cancel after a certain date, you will be held responsible and will be charged a cancellation fee of at least $400 (possibly more), depending on the costs incurred on your behalf.

Spring 2018 Programs with Required Travel

Security and Intelligence: Israel
Summer A: May 7 to 21, 2018 (approximate dates)

This is a spring seminar with required travel. You will need to register for this course in November 2017. Tuition for this course is covered under your spring block tuition, assuming you do not exceed your credit limit. There will be an additional fee assessed for the travel component of this course.

Courses Offered

SIS 395F Security and Intelligence: Israel

Contact Information

Dr. Brooke Shannon
Phone: 928-777-6986
Office: B17-118
Email: SHANNOB2@erau.edu


Security & Terrorism
Summer A: May 7 to May 18, 2018

This is a spring seminar with required travel.  You will need to register for this course in November 2017. Tuition for this course is covered under your spring block tuition, assuming you do not exceed your credit limit.  There will be an additional fee assessed for the travel component of this course.

Courses Offered

SIS 360 Ireland and the Troubles: National Security & Terrorism


Professor Steve Hooper
Phone: 928-777-3944
Office: B17 139
Email: hoopers1@erau.edu


Accounting & Finance
Summer A: May 29 to June 7, 2018 (approximate dates) 

Courses Offered

BA 313 Regional Studies in Accounting & Finance 


Dr. Cindy Greenman
Phone: 928-777-3885
Office: AC1 345
Email: greenmac@erau.edu

Dr. Javad Gorjidooz
Phone: 928-777-6942
Office: AC1 346
Email: gorji0cf@erau.edu


Summer A 2018 Programs

Mathematics, Physics, Regional Studies
Summer A: May 13 - June 13, 2018

Experience the perfect combination of ancient and super modern Japan! 

Courses Offered: Choose one or two classes only

MA 399 Origamics: Geometry of Paper Folding (Tsutsui)

SP 160 Physics II: Understanding Waves and Thermodynamics (Zanolin) 

RS 299 Introduction to Japan: History, Culture and Society 


Dr. Hisa Tsutsui
Phone: 928-777-3962
Office: AC1 207
Email: tsuts157@erau.edu

Dr. Michele Zanolin
Phone: 928-777-6919
Office: AC1 213
Email: zanolinm@erau.edu

Host Institution in Japan

University of Hyogo, Kobe


Engineering and Regional Studies
Summer A: May 15 to June 26, 2018

Courses Offered  

ES 206 Fluid Mechanics

HU 335 Technology and Modern Civilization: Focus on Sweden


Dr. Ghazal Barari
Phone: 928-777-3408
Office: AC1 355
Email: BARARIG@erau.edu

Dr. Lisa Davis
Phone: 928-777-6684
Office: AC1 309
Email: davise17@erau.edu

Host Institution 

KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Math, Physics, Matlab
Summer A: May 12 to June 22, 2018

Courses Offered (choose one or two classes only)

PS 250 Physics III (Gretarsson)

ERG 115 Matlab (Gretarsson)

MA 243 Calc III (Briggs)

MA 345 Dif. Eq (Briggs)


Dr. Andri Gretarsson
Phone: 928-777-6800
Office: AC1 254
Email: greta9a1@erau.edu

Dr. Christopher Briggs
Phone: 928-777-3403
Office: AC1 220
Email: briggsc1@erau.edu


Spanish Language
Summer A: May 10 - June 9, 2018

Courses Offered

LSP 201 - Spanish III

LSP 202 - Spanish IV

Contact Information

Dr. Jose Ninawanka
Phone: 928-777-6664
Office: AC1 307
Email: ninawanj@erau.edu

Host Organization in Cusco

Centro Tinku


Meteorology & Regional Studies
Summer A: May 29 to June 28, 2018

Courses Offered

WX399 Tropical Meteorology & Climate (James)

RS399 Exploring Brazilian Culture & the History of the Amazon (Haslam)


Dr. Curtis James
Phone: 928-777-6655
Office: AC1 233
Email: james61c@erau.edu

Dr. Matt Haslam
Phone: 928-777-6914
Office: AC1 310
Email: haslamm@erau.edu


Engineering & Aviation
Summer A: May 27 to June 29, 2018

Courses Offered

AE 317 Flight Mechanics

AE 2XX Principles of Design

Contact Information

Dr. Billy Crisler
Phone: 928-777-6611
Office: 76 - STEM Building - 226
Email: crislerw@erau.edu


Summer B 2018 Programs

Mathematics, Engineering, and Regional Studies
Summer B: July 1 to August 1, 2018

Spend a month in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town has a myriad of natural attractions – from Table Mountain to stunning beaches. It is a vibrant, multicultural city, with a rich history that is also a microcosm of the challenges facing many African countries in transition – how to successfully operate within a global economy while grappling with the vast socioeconomic inequalities that are the legacy of the colonial and apartheid past.

Courses Offered (Choose one or two classes from the three below) 

AE 430 Control System Analysis & Design

MA 441 Math Methods Engineering & Physics 1

RS 395X Experiential Learning: Culture, Language and Identity in South Africa

Contact Information

Dr. Paul Hriljac
Phone: 928-777-6963
Office: B61
Email: hriljap@erau.edu

Dr. Kelly O'Brien
Phone: 928-777-3774
Office: B58 105
Email: obrienk3@erau.edu


Daytona Beach Programs

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