Prescott Campus

Quality Enhancement Program (QEP)
Means Greater Research Opportunities


What is a Quality Enhancement Program?

Institutions applying for initial or renewal of accreditation must develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The QEP should focus on involving the greater academic community, addressing issues that contribute to institutional improvement and enhancing student learning.

"Igniting" the Future

Embry-Riddle's QEP is known as Ignite. It focuses on encouraging undergraduate research, through:

  • Innovative research opportunities
  • Increased research funding
  • Expanded academic and co-curricular experiences
  • Enhanced faculty-student research collaboration

Graduate study programs will also benefit from Ignite. It will help undergraduate students become better prepared for scholarly work, and able to participate at a more advanced level of learning.

Funded Undergraduate Research

At the Prescott Campus, a total of $60,000 in Eagle-Prize(E-Prize) Grants is available each year for student teams participating in collegiate, national or international design or research competitions. Proposals are typically due by October of the current academic year. Teams that participate in high-stature competitions, have a diverse membership and who demonstrate a great likelihood of success with sound methodology and clear business plans are most likely to receive funding.

Ignite Grants are available with up to $48,000 annually for students wishing to participate in research and innovation under the tutelage of a faculty mentor. Grant proposals are generally due in October for the current academic year and in February for the next year.
There are other ways to secure funding as well. For more information on E-Prize Grants, Ignite Grants, and other funding sources at the Prescott Campus, please contact the Undergraduate Research Institute at (928) 777-4-URI or e-mail