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The Enduring Security of the Planet is in Your Hands

Today’s global village is full of exciting opportunities, but also presents unique challenges. The College of Security & Intelligence will arm you with the knowledge and resources necessary to excel in a variety of concentrations.

Our distinctive programs offer comprehensive study and hands-on learning, focused on:

  • computer science/forensics
  • cybersecurity/cyber-crime
  • foreign policy/international law
  • terrorism
  • environmental threats
  • homeland security
  • and more

Your focus is on protecting and serving the citizens and resources of the world. Let us help you achieve your goals.

Unique Programs for Unique Individuals

The College of Security & Intelligence houses the nation’s first-ever Global Security & Intelligence Studies (GSIS) program, aimed at empowering students to become leaders in the fields of intelligence, security, and law enforcement.

Our Cyber Intelligence and Security program will equip you with the skills necessary to defend the people, data, and networks that keep the world productive and safe.

Students of the Forensic Biology program will master skills in biology, chemistry, and law. Graduates will secure in-demand jobs in such fields as forensic science, law enforcement, and research, as well as medical and legal disciplines.

Hands-On Learning
at World-Class Facilities

The Computer Security and Forensic Lab offers hands-on security training, where students detect and investigate computer security breaches and other digital crimes, and learn how to perform a forensic exam of a computer system.

In the Forensic Science Lab (FSL), students apply forensic science techniques to on-site security and intelligence investigations.


The GSIS Eagle Operations Center is where students in the Global Security and Intelligence Studies program practice open-source collection and analysis, foreign language proficiency, table-top exercises, and other program scenarios.

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