Aircraft Dispatcher Certification

Air Traffic Control lab with students

This program prepares students interested in airline flight operations management for Aircraft Dispatcher certification testing. Licensed dispatchers are employed by airlines to manage the ground-based tasks vital to a successful airline flight, including pre­flight planning and preparation, and weather variations, traffic delays and other information necessary to the crew and other staff. The FAA awards this certificate to graduates of approved programs after successful completion of a written examination and practical test. 

The Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate degree is housed in the Department of Aeronautical Science in the College of Aviation.

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Certification Requirements

The Aircraft Dispatcher Certification program is available at the Prescott Campus. Dispatcher preparation is based on the successful completion of the following courses and the applicable prerequisites.

AS 221Instrument Pilot Operations3
AS 221LInstrument Pilot Operations Laboratory1
AS 310Aircraft Performance3
AS 350Domestic and International Navigation3
AS 410Airline Dispatch Operations3
AT 200Air Traffic Basics I3
WX 201Survey of Meteorology3
WX 301Aviation Weather3
Total Credits22

Embry-Riddle occasionally changes a course number designator or nomenclature without materially affecting course content. In these cases, the program evaluator will substitute the equivalent course for those above.

For those students who possess a Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating, this training and experience may be used as equivalent for AS 221, AT 200, or both, and constitutes a minimum of 70 hours of experience.

This program is offered within the academic programs at ERAU and not as separate training. Qualification for FAA testing normally requires a minimum of six semesters of instruction. To complete the Aircraft Dispatcher Certification program, the student must earn a “C” grade or higher in all required courses. For more information, contact the Dispatch Program Manager in the Aeronautical Science Department.


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