Bachelor of Science in
Simulation Science, Games, and Animation

The Bachelor of Science in Simulation Science, Games, and Animation degree teaches students the principles behind building virtual worlds and simulations by using mathematical algorithms and technologies underlying aviation simulators, computer aided design (CAD) systems, computer animation software, streaming video networks and computer games. The program prepares students to be skilled in building the digital experiences of the future and to be leaders in this emerging and interdisciplinary field by pushing the envelope to create applications that solve society’s problems.

As a technical, multidisciplinary degree, students will take courses in computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering, animation, modelling, computer graphics, simulation and artificial intelligence. Aspects of art and design will complement the technical side of this degree. Work in the computer labs will be extensive and students can expect to graduate proficient in C#, C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, Maya and Unity3D. Example courses include Gaming Capstone, Interactive Media, Multiplayer Game Systems, Game Engine Architecture and Artificial Intelligence. 

Graduates of this program will work in a variety of industries from gaming to virtual training environments. Examples include building computer game software for Microsoft, designing virtual reality environments for Boeing, or working at the Department of Defense Modeling and Simulation Office or one of its contractors.

Simulation Science, Gaming & Animation Lab

A Look Inside Simulation Science

Embry-Riddle's new Simulation Science, Gaming & Animation Degree is designed to educate you on the technologies underlying computer games, aviation simulators, computer animation, streaming video networks, and more. Combining aspects of computer science, aeronautics, physics, engineering, military science, and business, you receive a comprehensive understanding of the simulation science industry to be in the best possible position to succeed in an industry searching for quality, skilled professionals.

Design Your Future

Design Your Future

Technology is becoming an increasingly ubiquitous part of every day life around the globe. From cell phones to computers, national and private security, entertainment to recreation, technology is revolutionizing the way we experience and interact with the world around us, and professionals with backgrounds in Simulation Science, Gaming & Animation are among the most sought after specialists across a multitude of industries in the world today.