Bachelor of Science in
Global Business and Supply Chain Management

Bachelor of Science in Global Business Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Global Business and Supply Chain Management program is designed to prepare students with the knowledge of the global context of business with the understanding and critical skills in global logistics and supply chain management. The program is designed for certificate opportunities in supply chain, program management and six sigma providing graduates with the tools to immediately take leadership roles as a global logistics and supply chain manager in the aviation and non-aviation business, government and not-for-profit sectors.

Through a challenging, experiential and team-based curriculum, the courses are taught by internationally-experienced faculty focused on the rising role of emerging markets and the complexity of global supply chain issues. Emphasis is placed on technological change, the interdisciplinary nature of supply chain management, the growing importance of the security of the supply chain and the choice of regional studies, language or study abroad options.

Graduates Will be Able to:

  • Understand the interrelated economic, market, social, ethical, political, and environmental forces affecting the basic forms and the growth of global business activities
  • Assess the role of domestic and international organizations — such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) — on the global marketplace
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the significance of multicultural diversity in the workforce and knowledge of the complexities associated with expatriate life in the global marketplace
  • Evaluate, select, and implement strategic choices that international managers face when entering new markets and competing in diverse overseas business and cultural environments
  • Incorporate ethical analysis into current and future business decisions in international business
  • Draw conclusions regarding the role of external forces such as culture on international business

The Bachelor of Science in Global Business and Supply Chain Management degree is housed in the School of Business in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Excerpt taken from the Online Course Catalog

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Global Business and Supply Chain Management degree leverages successful business, language, and cultural courses within an experiential learning environment. Designed for students who want a strong business foundation taught by globally aware faculty, the BSBG degree equips students for future success in international business. This degree program reflects the ever-changing and demanding global environment of business, government, and the aviation industry. The curriculum is focused in emerging markets and designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills essential to their successful entry into global business and society. Emphasis is placed on global awareness, cross-cultural literacy, effective communications, quantitative skills, social responsibility, information technology, critical thinking skills, teamwork, business functional skills, aviation/aerospace industry familiarity, and commitment to livelong learning.

The BSBG degree requires successful completion of a minimum of 120 credit hours and is normally completed in eight semesters. Students may select an Area of Concentration in Aviation and Aerospace or Language and Culture with tracks in Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. Students should declare their Area of Concentration at the beginning of their sophomore year. Students who participate in the Cooperative Education program may substitute up to three credit hours, if approved, toward the specified courses required in their Area of Concentration. Students enrolled in the Air Force or Army ROTC program may substitute AF or MSL courses for the open elective courses.

The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Prescott Department of Business is a member of the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and is in candidacy for accreditation. In order to be awarded an BSGB degree, a student is required to complete a minimum of 80 percent of the business core and area of concentration in residence or transfer those credits from institutions approved by the Department Chair.

General Education36-37
Business Core58
Area of Concentration15
Open Electives10-11

General Education

Communication Theory and Skills9
Computer Science3
Humanities Lower-Level Course3
Social Sciences Lower-Level Course6
Humanities/Social Sciences Upper-Level Course3
Physical and Life Sciences (one course must include a laboratory)6-7
Total Credits36-37

Business Core

BA 102Introduction to Aviation, Aerospace and Global Business3
BA 121Software Based Bookkeeping1
BA 201Principles of Management3
BA 210Financial Accounting3
BA 311Marketing3
BA 319Managerial and Organizational Behavior3
BA 320Business Information Systems3
BA 325Social Responsibility and Ethics in Management3
BA 332Corporate Finance I3
BA 335International Business3
BA 340International Accounting3
BA 342International Finance3
BA 352Business Quantitative Methods3
BA 390Business Law3
BA 420Management of Production and Operations3
BA 430International Trade and Regulations3
BA 436Strategic Management3
BA 442Global Marketing Management3
EC 211Macroeconomics3
SS 327International Relations3
Total Credits58

Areas of Concentration

Mandarin Chinese

LCH 101
  & LCH 102
Mandarin Chinese I
   and Mandarin Chinese II
or LCH 103 Chinese I and II
LCH 201
  & LCH 202
Mandarin Chinese III
   and Mandarin Chinese IV
or LCH 203 Chinese III and IV
LCH/BA/EC/HU/RS/SS Upper-Level or Study Abroad (Dept. Preapproval)3
Total Credits15


LAR 101Arabic I3
LAR 102Arabic II3
LAR 201Arabic III3
LAR 202Arabic IV3
LAR/BA/EC/HU/RS/SS Upper-Level or Study Abroad (Dept. Preapproval)3
Total Credits15


LSP 101Spanish I3
LSP 102Spanish II3
LSP 201Spanish III3
LSP 202Spanish IV3
LSP/BA/EC/HU/RS/SS Upper-Level or Study Abroad (Dept. Preapproval)3
Total Credits15

Aviation and Aerospace

Students may select and five or the following:
AS 402Airline Operations3
BA 324Aviation Labor Relations3
BA 408Airport Management3
BA 410Management of Air Cargo3
BA 418Airport Administration and Finance3
BIO 403Wildlife and Airports3
SIS 420Aviation Security and Technology3
Total Credits15

Suggested Program of Study

Freshman Year
BA 102 Introduction to Aviation, Aerospace and Global Business 3
BA 201 Principles of Management 3
BA 221 Advanced Computer Based Systems 3
COM 122 English Composition 3
EC 210 Microeconomics 3
IT 109 Introduction to Computers and Applications *3
MA 111 College Mathematics for Aviation I 3
or MA 120
Quantitative Methods I
or MA 140
College Algebra
SS 204 Introduction to Geography 3
Physical and Life Sciences 3
Any HU 14X Course 3
 Credits Subtotal30
Sophomore Year
BA 121 Software Based Bookkeeping 1
BA 210 Financial Accounting 3
BA 335 International Business 3
BA 340 International Accounting 3
COM 219 Speech 3
COM 221 Technical Report Writing 3
or COM 222
Business Communication
EC 211 Macroeconomics 3
MA 222 Business Statistics 3
Physical and Life Sciences with Lab 3-4
EC/HU/RS/SS UL Elective or Study Abroad 3
Concentration Course 3
 Credits Subtotal31-32
Junior Year
BA 311 Marketing 3
BA 319 Managerial and Organizational Behavior 3
BA 332 Corporate Finance I 3
BA 342 International Finance 3
BA 352 Business Quantitative Methods 3
BA 420 Management of Production and Operations 3
Concentration Courses 6
Open Elective 6
 Credits Subtotal30
Senior Year
BA 320 Business Information Systems 3
BA 325 Social Responsibility and Ethics in Management 3
BA 390 Business Law 3
BA 430 International Trade and Regulations 3
BA 436 Strategic Management 3
BA 442 Global Marketing Management 3
SS 327 International Relations **3
Concentration Courses 6
Open Electives 1-2
 Credits Subtotal28-29
 Credits Total 120

 See BA 221 course professor to check if you qualify for advanced standing and do not need to take IT 109.  If IT 109 is required, it may be used toward the open elective requirement.


 The prerequisite course for SS 327 is SS 110, World History, which may be used toward the open elective requirement.

Embry-Riddle courses in the general education categories of Communication Theory and Skills, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physical and Life Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences may be chosen from those listed below, assuming prerequisite requirements are met with permission of advisor. Courses from other institutions are acceptable if they fall into these broad categories and are at the level specified above in the Global Business vertical outline. Other courses may also be used with permission of the Department of Business Chair.

Communication Theory and Skills
COM 122English Composition3
COM 219Speech3
COM 221Technical Report Writing3
or COM 222 Business Communication
Computer Science
BA 221Advanced Computer Based Systems3
Humanities and Social Science3
HU 14X Lower-level elective3
EC 210Microeconomics3
SS 204Introduction to Geography3
EC/HU/RS/SS Upper-level elective3
MA 111College Mathematics for Aviation I3
or MA 120 Quantitative Methods I
or MA 140 College Algebra
MA 222Business Statistics3
Physical and Life Sciences
Select two of the following (of which one must include a laboratory):6-7
Any AES/BIO/CHM/PS course and/or
SIS 220Investigative Methodology and Forensic Science4
or WX 201 Survey of Meteorology

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